Zimbabwe: Mbire community welcomes Amai’s empowerment projects



FIRST LADY Auxillia Mnangagwa’s commitment to the empowerment and full integration of previously marginalized communities in Mbire District into the traditional economy continues, with youth and women, including the wives of chiefs and leaders of the region, being equipped with skills on empowerment projects.

The villagers of Kanyemba, Chidodo and Chikafa were yesterday in the capital where they undergo intensive training on making detergents, petroleum jelly, drinks and gels so that they can make a living and also return and share their experiences. with others.

A team from the Angel of Hope Foundation guided them through the production processes as the First Lady continues her empowerment initiatives to uplift them.

Before the mother of the nation intervened, people in the district lived in abject poverty awaiting handouts, while others performed menial tasks in neighboring Mozambique and Zambia.

What left the beneficiaries of the training stunned was the efficiency with which the First Lady kept her promise to the inhabitants of the Mbire district, which she visited barely a month ago and promised to help them through various projects.

Ms Failess Matemba from the Office of the First Lady said the First Lady was providing training to communities to become self-reliant.

“The First Lady’s goal is to empower women and young people across the country,” she said.

“Amai visited all over the country noting people’s problems.

“Recently, she visited the Kanyemba, Chidodo and Chikafa communities in Mbire district where she asked them what kind of projects they wanted and most of them reported a detergent manufacturing project. , she does her best to resolve issues without leaving anyone behind.

“She took the wives of the chiefs, chiefs, young people and other women from these areas to teach them how to make soap, washing-up liquid, drinks, petroleum jelly and other products so that women become autonomous and stop always asking men for money.

“Those who have been trained will train their peers at home so that everyone is empowered. “

The beneficiaries praised Amai Mnangagwa for his kind gesture.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr. Rivis Gumbochuma from Kanyemba, could not hide his joy.

“We came to Harare to learn how to make detergents and other projects. When the First Lady came to Kanyemba, she asked what projects we wanted to venture into and we said we wanted to make soap and drinks. It will lift us up ever since. we had no source of income. She never abandoned us and came to us from the start, ”he said with a broad smile.

Mr. Gumbochuma said he was surprised at the First Lady’s quick response to their problems.

“From the moment she hired us and started other projects for us like gardening and nutritional orchards, she has remembered us year after year and has strengthened us throughout the projects,” he said. he declares.

“She always encourages us to work hard. She continues to offer us more out of love and the eternal desire to empower us.”

Equally delighted was Ms. Claris Chirunga from Chidodo.

“I have come to learn about projects like making petroleum jelly and drinks. Amai is raising our home region and it will help fight domestic violence caused by financial problems. We thank her for her love so we can send our kids at school. Amai does wonders for us, “she said, screaming and dancing.

Ms Chirunga said that since the First Lady engaged her community, they experience the greatness of God.

“All the things she teaches us have been fully embraced and they uplift our community,” she said.

“We want to thank her for her regular visits and that she continues to work with us. All our problems, she helps us.”

Ms. Irene Kamambo, wife of Chief Chitsungo said; “We were taught how to make different products and without Amai we would not have learned these skills that will help uplift our community.

“As a chief’s wife, I go home and sit down with all the women under our jurisdiction and pass on to them the knowledge that I have gained through the Angel of Hope Foundation.

“We are grateful that our mother leaves no one behind in her quest for empowerment.”

The wife of the President of the Council of Chiefs, Chief Fortune Charumbira, Mrs. Priscillia Charumbira, who came in solidarity with the inhabitants of Mbire, is full of praise for the mother of the nation.

“We were called here by our mother as always,” she said.

“She said she would never give up on us, the chiefs’ wives, as long as we stay in the communities with the people.

“We have been invited here as the wives of chiefs around Harare to welcome other women from Mbire district and learn as well. We are convinced that they will pass on knowledge and share with those in the regions where they come from.

“We are grateful for the work done by the First Lady who never gets tired. She is still thinking about the best way to bring up the women of Zimbabwe. We didn’t know that we could also make the drinks we always buy in stores at home. , we have learned a lot from this program. “

The First Lady showed great love for the Mbire community where she helped ensure they send children to school, have access to health services and taught them many skills as a pathway to economic empowerment.

Her commitment and love showed the world what can be accomplished with focus while transforming the previously marginalized community.

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