Wisconsin Supreme Court clears ballot box ban for April election



Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled on Friday that it would allow a ban on the use of ballot boxes for the upcoming April election, though the ruling will not affect the primaries scheduled for next week, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

In a 4-3 decision, the state’s High Court authorized a ban that will ban the use of ballot boxes in the upcoming elections in April, upholding a lower court ruling from January, the outlet noted.

The challenge to the use of ballot boxes came from the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, which filed a lawsuit on behalf of two Waukesha County voters last summer challenging the use of mail-in ballot boxes.

The lawsuit claims that mail-in ballots can only be dropped by hand or mail and claimed that election laws were misinterpreted by the Wisconsin Election Commission regarding the use of drop boxes for voters. postal ballots.

A Waukesha County Court judge sided with the two voters, though an appeals court noted that as the February primary was fast approaching, it stepped in to rule that the ballot boxes would be used for voters. primaries, according to the Journal Sentinel.

However, the outlet noted that the state High Court is still expected to make a final decision on the status of the ballot boxes for future use and whether the upcoming elections will be able to use them.

The news comes as lawmakers across the country are considering legislation and other ways to restrict voting access. Three states are considering legislation that would limit access to mail-in voting while legislation to end the use of ballot boxes for returning ballots is being considered in two other states.

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