Why the X-Men’s most powerful teleporter and divine mutant smells so bad



Marvel’s most godly and godly mutant member of the X-Men is a powerful force that has a smell that would shame even the devil.

The X-Men are fortunate to have a number of teleporters among their allies. Taking nothing away from Pixie, Magik and Blink, the best known of these unique mutants is veteran member Nightcrawler. The Fuzzy Blue Elf was the team’s very first teleporter, first joining Professor X and company in the 1975 classic. X-Men giant size # 1 (by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum).

While not normally described as the strongest mutant on the team, a recent crisis on the X-Men’s Martian colony has provided a glimpse of what Nightcrawler can do when his potential is fully unlocked, but does not. still not answer the question why. he never lost one of the most nasty side effects of his mutant donation.

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nightcrawler with a sword by Mark Bagley

In the midst of his attempt to deal with the looming threat of Onslaught, Nighctrawler faced a terrible dilemma with VC’s Simon Spurrier, Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia, and Clayton Cowles. Way of X # 5. The Martian moon Phobos fell from the sky and was on a collision course with the mutant’s new colony, Arakko. With millions of lives at stake, Nightcrawler heroically used a power boost from Fabian Cortez in an attempt to save the day.

The mutant teleporter used the power boost to save Arakko by teleporting the moon into orbit, at the cost of his life. Thankfully, the availability of Krakoa’s resurrection protocols prevented veteran X-Man’s disappearance from being permanent. However, this incident showed just how powerful the mutant really is when his powers are used to their fullest potential, with undeniably impressive results.

Even boosted to his highest level, Nightcrawler still emits a terrible smell whenever he teleports. Whenever he uses his power, the mutant leaves behind a scent of burning brimstone and sulfur, as well as the mark “Bamf!” sound effect. This happens because when he uses his power, he (and everything he teleports) quickly travels through a literal sulfur dimension.

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As much as he has honed his powers over the years, so much has he never been able to mask the stench, something Professor Xavier himself has bitterly in the past. Losing him would mean a fundamental change in his powers, if not losing them altogether. While he can use an image inducer to make himself look different, there is nothing he can do to eliminate the smell that his power emits.

Part of the reason behind Nightcrawler’s dilemma may have to do with his demonic legacy. While not as pronounced in the mainstream Marvel Universe as it is in alternate realities like Earth X, it’s always something the pious mutant has struggled with. Demons like Mephisto have attempted to profit from his struggles, but the devout mutant has so far stuck to his faith. The stench of sulfur, however, is always a reminder that Nightcrawler walks between two very different worlds. No matter how sweet he is, he still has a darkness within him that he constantly warrants and overcomes.

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