Why Chennai’s ISO-certified house flies the tricolor all year round


The Surana family’s ISO 9000 certified home in Mylapore flies the national flag on its patio all year round. The family explains why

The Surana family’s ISO 9000 certified home in Mylapore flies the national flag on its patio all year round. The family explains why

Last month, after India’s Flag Code 2002 was amended to allow the national flag to be displayed in the open air or displayed at the home of a member of the public day and night, it has continually flew over the house of the Suranas. . Needless to say that on the occasion of national mourning, it flies at half mast.

In 2009, when their four-story European-style building was completed and commissioned for the home and law firms of Surana and Surana International Attorneys, the family decided to fly the Indian national flag over the terrace of the building overlooking Dr. Radhakrishnan. Salai, Mylapore.

The building is home to PS Surana, his wife Leelavathi, son Vinod Surana, daughter-in-law Rashmi, all lawyers, and their two children Keerti and Dev Kartik, both law students. “Before we moved here, we displayed the flag on our table. In 2009, we moved it to the roof,” says Vinod.

Previously, there were restrictions on the unofficial use of the flag, which changed in 2004 when Naveen Jindal MP filed a petition in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court held that the right to fly the flag can be seen as an expression of an individual’s allegiance and pride in their nation.

Following this decision, the Suranas hoisted the national flag every day (and lowered it every night). Now they fly the flag 24 hours a day, every day. “Earlier each day, a member of our family did the honors, raising the flag at 9 a.m. and lowering it at 6 p.m. daily. Most of the time it would be one or the other of the children and only in their absence one of the elders would step in. We always keep a spare flag in case the flying one needs to be replaced due to damage,” says Rashmi.

Said Surana, founder-partner of the law firm, “We are open-minded nationalists with patriotism in our blood… Flying the national flag gives me personally, and all of our family members and colleagues in the office, a sense of pride and respect for our country.”

“Till date, we have always purchased the flag from Khadi Kraft. We change the flag every two months. Old flags are disposed of according to the guidelines specified in the Flag Code,” Vinod informs.

An ISO-certified fireplace

Surana Residence has long been popular as the only one in the country to have been ISO 9001:2008 certified and renewed with ISO 9001:2015. This is a diligent process that requires constant documentation and audit visits.

Surana is referred to as the ‘head of household’, Leelavathi is the ‘household representative’, Rashmi is the ‘management representative’, while the two children and Vinod are ‘permanent customers’. After a cup of tea, guests or “temporary customers” receive a customer feedback form. Industrialists, magistrates, personalities and Heads of State testified to the quality of the reception.

Their kitchen has every bottle and container labeled appropriately. Ingredients and vegetables are sourced only from “vendor approved” stores. The menus are prepared months in advance, the dishes are served according to fixed times. Even when the family goes on vacation, checklists guide the process of packing and managing the travel itinerary. All these elements are properly documented to be submitted to ISO auditors.

Vinod says his dad is a firm believer in “everything has a place and everything has its place.” An audit check by a certification body is carried out every six months. Says Vinod, “It can be nerve-wracking that everyone is interviewed separately – including house staff, management and even children – to check quality control.”


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