“We just hope to help people.” Faith group inspires others to heal


PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) – A religious rock band from Paragould, reunited during a dark time in their lives, hope to cheer on other people in the same place through their songs.

Deny Myself Ministries was formed in 2016 when band members Michael Stuht and Michael Celeskey met at Shepherd’s Fold, a denominational men’s drug rehab program.

“We started writing songs about theology, mostly from the scriptures, and we hoped to benefit others in faith-based treatment programs, and anyone struggling with drug and drug recovery. alcohol in general, ”Stuht said.

The group takes its name from Luke 9:23 in the Bible, where Jesus says “” If anyone wants to follow me, let him deny himself, take up his cross every day and follow me. “

“Sometimes there is a struggle to be a Christian. You know it’s not all peach and cream and that the navigation is smooth, ”said Stuht. “Sometimes things are difficult, but you have to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Christ. So that’s where we got the name.

Bassist Brandon Rhine joined the band about two years ago, after seeing them perform while recovering at Agape House in Paragould.

“It means the world to me [the band] because it is the substance of my belief. When I listened to it, going through my most difficult times is what saved my life, ”said Rhine.

Each member of the group has successfully completed rehabilitation and has been recovering for some time.

The group performs exclusively for faith-based rehabilitation programs and meetings, and regularly organizes performances to help these facilities.

“Deny Myself goes way beyond the five band members. We are a community,” Stuht said.

One of the places the band performs often is Ridge City Church in Paragould.

Senior Pastor Chris Barhorst and his wife met the group in 2017, after leaving Florida and planting their church.

“I don’t remember the first time we went to a Deny Myself show, but it was fair, it’s my kind of music,” Borhorst said. “I’m not the traditional type, and I’m recovering as well, and it really clicked.”

Borhorst said the greatest thing about the band’s music is that it speaks Bible truths and doesn’t cut any slack.

“I grew up in a very traditional church and then I moved away from it. And I just feel like I just don’t fit into that traditional mold anymore, ”Borhorst said. “So having music, scripture-inspired and Jesus-inspired music, that doesn’t sound like the hymns I grew up with just meant a lot to me. “

Rhine has said that playing for those struggling with addiction and sharing her faith is an honor because it helps spread the truth of the gospel.

“We hope that our music will convince you of your sin and draw you to Christ and make you become more like Him,” Rhine said. “I was an addict for 20 years of my life, and I tried everything I could. And the only thing that ever works, and what I found in faith, is Jesus Christ.

Stuht said the group really hopes to help others overcome their addiction by inspiring them with their songs.

“We hope that we can share the comfort we have received from God,” said Stuht. And it is our goal is to be able to show as many people as possible the love and grace, in fact. Grace would be the most important word, the grace that is in Jesus Christ.

On Saturday January 8, Deny Myself will perform for The Lord’s Refuge, a rehabilitation center for men.

The concert will start at 7:00 p.m. at the Collins Theater in Paragould.

To learn more about Deny Myself Ministries, follow the Facebook page here. You can also listen to the band’s music on the YouTube page here.

Ridge City Church holds regular recovery meetings and offers a program called the Next Step for recovery program graduates.

Next Step meetings are held every Tuesday starting with a meal at 6 p.m. and worship at 6.30 p.m.

To learn more about Ridge City Church, follow the Facebook page here.

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