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The Wayne Family Adventures The webcomic series available on WEBTOON has found immense popularity among DC Comics and Bat-Family fans. The webcomic has gained popularity due to its inclusion of many of Batman’s fan-favorite allies, spending time highlighting each of the characters they feature in comedic and serious ways.

The assured continuation of the series means the writers are free to expand cast and story possibilities with its second season and potentially beyond. With the Wayne Family Adventures A webcomic focusing on the various characters who fight side-by-side with Batman, there are plenty of fan-favorite heroes and vigilantes who should get their much-needed shot in the spotlight.

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ghost maker

An image of DC Comics' Ghost-Maker posing

Though still an incredibly new addition to the Bat-family, debuting during DC Comics’ “Infinite Frontier” era, Minhkhoa Khan, also known as the vigilante Ghost-Maker, has already established himself in the Batman myth. He has a strong rivalry with Batman which began when the two were traveling the world as teenagers. This rivalry has created a strong identity for the character within the Bat-family, as he is both the person Batman respects and hates the most within the vigilante community.

There are plenty of story opportunities with Ghost-Maker that can match the lighthearted but sometimes serious tone of the Wayne Family Adventures series. Ghost-Maker’s bombastic attitude could make for a fun story of Batman and Ghost-Maker trying to outdo each other while patrolling Gotham City. On the other hand, their differing moral beliefs about killing criminals could pave the way for a more serious story giving insight into their strained relationship, while also explaining why the two characters concluded their method was better than the other. . While it doesn’t have the biggest comic book story yet, there are plenty of ways Wayne Family Adventures could integrate the Ghost-Maker into their DC/WEBTOON universe.

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Clayface (Basil Karlo)

clay face

Clayface’s transformation into an ally of the Bat-Family is one of the few examples of Batman villains fully committing to heroism, with many of his contemporaries such as Man-Bat and Two-Face always returning to villainy. Clayface’s heroic transformation in James Tynion IV Detective comics racing and Ram V catwoman run illustrated both the struggles Clayface faces in trying to do good, while also showing the many efforts he has made to redeem himself. He even attempted to plead for other members of Batman’s rogues gallery to follow his lead and turn over a new leaf, persuading Killer Croc and Firefly to help defend Gotham in the Batman: State of Fear crossover event.

A story about a reformed villain struggling to do good while haunted by his many sins as a criminal would be a great story for the writers of Wayne Family Adventures say. Clayface within mainstream DC Comics has even developed an adorable friendship with Cassandra Cain, a character previously featured in the webcomic series who could have some really fun interactions with the reformed shape-shifting criminal. With characters from Wayne Family Adventures prone to pranking himself, Clayface’s shapeshifting could be a real force to be reckoned with in any mischievous escapades.

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Could Onyx's return to the Gotham Herald be the reappearance of a forgotten Batman ally?

While not a typical mask-and-cape crime-fighting vigilante like most other members of the Bat-Family, the former League of Assassins; Onyx has a unique and epic charm that could make her a terrific addition to the Wayne Family Adventures cast of characters. Unlike most other members of the Bat-Family, Onyx adopted a highly unorthodox approach to dealing with crime in Gotham City that would set her apart among her contemporaries. Onyx took control of various criminal gangs in Gotham, such as the Hill Street Gang, and used them for more benign ends, such as stopping other criminal gangs from doing more heinous acts.

Whether Wayne Family Adventures took the opportunity to add Onyx to the cast of vigilantes, they could also use her appearance to showcase her partnership with purple-clad Orpheus, another vigilante who prefers the use of subterfuge and fighting the crime of the interior. The two could be an awesome duo in the online comic series and could get into a lot of antics trying to deal with the Hill Street Gang while also making time to fight crime in Gotham City.

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Jace Fox

Tim ‘Jace’ Fox managed to become the ‘Batman of New York’ in his solo series I am batman (by John Ridley, Oliver Coipel, Travel Foremen and Stephen Segovia) he has since become an incredibly important member of the Batman Mythos, though he doesn’t operate out of Gotham City like most other members of the Bat- Family. While facing adversity trying to prove himself worthy of the Batman moniker, Jace has proven himself to be a cunning and effective crime fighter. His accolades have earned him the respect of Robin and The Question.

Jace has proven himself not only to be a decent martial artist, but also a tech savvy, battling the pirate supervillain “Anti-Oracle” Seer using the computer skills he learned from his father Lucius Fox. This could be an interesting way to Wayne Family Adventures to portray the differences between Jace’s Batman and Bruce Wayne, having different methods of fighting crime. Maybe Wayne Family Adventures could also delve into Jace’s relationship with his brother Luke Fox (the Batwing hero), which has often been described as strained. Regardless of how they use Jace inside Wayne Family Adventuresthe prospect of there being two Batmen would be quite a spectacle.

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Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)

Justice League Odyssey #5 Rapture Azrael

Azrael had a particularly difficult relationship with the Bat-Family thanks to the psychological programming he underwent through the secret Order of St Dumas, which could turn the shy Jean-Paul Vallée into a fanatical murderer. Azrael’s violent actions in replacing Bruce Wayne as Batman in the fall of the knight and knightquest The storyline that took place from 1993 to 1994 firmly placed Azrael as an outsider among the Bat-Family. He became someone Batman and his team were hesitant to trust and only rarely called for help.

That said, Azrael has taken giant steps to regain good faith within the Bat-Family, joining Tim Drake’s Gotham Knights team in James Tynion IV. Detective comics and aiding Batman in a plot related to the undead team of villains; Z working group. Azrael has a wealth of story opportunities in the continuity of Wayne Family Adventures, where his outcast status could be addressed, or his strained relationship with certain members could be explored. If the webcomic series wanted to take Azrael in a more comedic direction, his humorous relationship with Batwing is fertile ground. The two constantly criticize the other’s reliance on technology or religious faith, and a short Wayne Family Adventures story could work well to validate the points of view of the two characters.

Adventures of the Wayne Family’ continued success has ensured it will last well beyond its second season, with more stories and spinoffs featuring the likes of the Vixen: NYC and Red Riding Hood: Outlaw, there’s bound to be a plethora of new characters joining the cast of heroes. While not every character on this list may get a chance to appear in the WEBTOON digital comic series, it’s a safe bet that at least a few of them will get a well-deserved cameo. , much to the delight of Bat-Family fans everywhere.

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