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Uday Chopra may be a long way from the big screen, but he’s certainly not missing the spotlight. The “Dhoom” Uday actor’s posts are a social media hit. Uday’s recent religion tweet created quite a buzz in cyberspace. The actor’s tweet speaks of a “paradoxical religion” he wanted to launch and his thoughts on “divinity”. He also mentioned that he wanted to call it ‘Shunya – a zero religion’, his tweet read, ‘I always wanted to start a paradoxical religion. I even called it Shunya, a zero religion, where followers are shunned if they follow the doctrines, but I was concerned that even being shunned would eventually become righteous. This was my take on humanity’s need for the divine. Hiw tweet elicited many reactions, while many agreed with his thought and commented: “Form kidhar fill karna hai, I’m interested”, one of them wrote: “I always wanted” , but a few questioned it and wrote: “Do you want to start worship?” and “Why does mankind need divinity?” While you have to ask yourself about the thoughts of ‘Uday with many questions in your mind, let us show you some other old tweets from the actor where he talked about what he means by the concept of “God.” An old tweet from the actor says : “As a non-believer, I have no idea of ​​asking God for things in prayer. When people pray to ask for things they want, is it not fundamentally an act of distrust of their god. Because if God already has a plan in mind for you, why are you praying to change the plan in the first place? ‘ Uday Chopra, who announced his acting retirement in 2013, is known for such films as “Mohabbatein”, “Mujhse Dosti Karoge”, “Pyaar Impossible” and the “Dhoom” franchise. In addition to acting, Uday has produced two Hollywood films – “Grace of Monaco” and “The Longest Week”.

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