Twitter reacts to Kelly machine gun vs. Corey Taylor Feud



Twitter came to life with the beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Corey Taylor. Here are some of the best reactions to bad blood that started with a cameo gone awry.

Ahead of Slipknot’s headliner at this year’s Riot Fest, MGK shot the Masked Nine during his performance. “Hey, do you want to know what I’m really happy not to do?” To be 50 years old wearing a freaky fucking mask on a fucking stage. We’re talking shit.

MGK was responding to an interview Corey Taylor did earlier this year where he criticized the rapper’s shift to pop punk. “The [young artists] what really frustrates me is that they take something that’s been around forever and then rework it and call it new – even though it’s completely derivative, ”Taylor told Cutter’s Rockcast. “You know the group they’re ripping off – they’re not even trying to rip off a bunch of groups; they tear off a group … I [hate] artists who failed in a genre and decided to go rock – and I think he knows who he is. But this is another story.

Turns out Taylor was supposed to be on MGK Tickets for My Fall album, but after submitting his vocal cut and receiving praise from Travis Barker and MGK, Taylor politely dropped the collaboration as MGK requested a rewrite for Corey.

MGK publicly criticized Taylor’s Tickets for My Fall performance before the Slipknot singer himself cleaned the air, offering receipts from his communication with Travis Barker.

Without a doubt, MGK stepped out of the heel-like exchange while Corey received the majority of fan support online. Here are some reactions from Twitter:

MGK is currently touring the United States on its Tickets for My Fall to visit. Slipknot will start its American tour with Killswitch Engage, Fever 333 and Code Orange later this month.

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