The south coast does not need permanent daylight saving time



I agree with those Americans who don’t like to change the clocks twice a year.

I know that my body’s natural rhythm is disrupted, causing me to feel tired when I lose an hour of sleep. There are studies that show adverse health effects caused by this disturbance.

My reasoning for being against permanent DST goes beyond personal reasons. I think of the millions of children across this country who will be waiting for their school bus in total darkness.

As a grandparent, I don’t want that, and a lot of scientists also think it’s a horrible idea. Having the sunrise over the SouthCoast at 8:13 a.m. is not my idea of ​​starting a productive day. The other troubling aspect of this bill passed by the Senate is that it was not debated. Why was there no debate, giving people a chance to hear the pros and cons of making any time zone permanent?

Making standard time permanent would be better for my health and well-being, as research shows that a disrupted internal clock increases excessive fatigue and higher risks of heart attack, weight gain, anxiety, workplace injuries and car accidents. Have you ever experienced jet lag? Imagine living with permanent jet lag.

We are all different, but I need exposure to morning light. When I don’t get that exposure, my internal clock later drifts making it harder for me to wake up, I feel like I’m jet lagged. My clock has always ticked off to standard time.

Changing the clock back and forth is bad for our health, but changing the clock permanently to daylight saving time would be even worse for people like me.

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