The “respect for marriage law” adopted by the house does not concern marriage. It is about conforming to the awakened ideology.



In a fearmongering overreaction to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, congressional liberals this week passed sweeping legislation mislabeled as the Respect Marriage Act.

Although the bill’s eventual passage would threaten civil society and basic American freedoms, conservatives should see this development for what it really is: a publicity stunt.

His goal ? Take the spotlight off radical progressive politics and paint conservatives as fanatics — and all conveniently ahead of the midterm elections.

House passage of Bill 267-157, HR 8404, comes a week after the Department of Education released a proposed rule that would require federally funded schools to consider ideology gender in all school activities and curricula. The change would mean forcing biological men to use female-only facilities, forcing faculty and students to use others’ preferred personal pronouns, and withholding funds from institutions that refuse to comply.

Tuesday’s House passage of HB 8404 also comes ahead of a proposed rule from the Department of Health and Human Services that would require medical professionals to provide and ensure controversial cross-sex procedures and abortion services.

Don’t be fooled by the messages from the left. This bill is no exception to the agenda of the left. It’s also just another radical policy peddled by progressives.

Despite its name, the bill is not about marriage or respect at all. It is about imposing the sexual ideology of the radical left as state orthodoxy.

The final passage would mean that states are no longer allowed to define and recognize marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman. Instead, they would be required to recognize any union between two individuals, regardless of gender, as a marriage.

Even more radical, the bill would require federal recognition of polygamy if only one state requires it.

By radically redefining marriage and eviscerating states’ rights, the bill would turn issues of disagreement — even on the basis of deeply and sincerely held religious belief — into discrimination.

Those who refuse to submit — whether they are states, government officials, or any other United States Attorney General who believes they are “acting under the guise of state law” — would be punished for their beliefs.

Despite what advocates might say, similar laws elsewhere have been weaponized to punish dissent. As they have done with dissidents before, radical leftists would use this law to ensure even more total respect for their ideology.

Ultimately, the enactment of HR 8404 would destabilize essential pillars of American society: family and religion.

Now more than ever, we need courageous elected leaders who will stand up to defend awakened ideology and protect the foundations of our free society.

This piece originally appeared in The Daily Signal

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