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On January 6, Kamala Harris said on national television that a riot on Capitol Hill last year was the equivalent of the Pearl Harbor attack (2,403 dead) and the 9/11 attack (2,977 dead). ). Joe Biden followed up with an attempt to outdo Harris by making the Civil War comparison (640,000 dead). Their words are historically ridiculous and illiterate.

Michael Stern

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky confirmed that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was about 97% wrong when she said the number of children hospitalized with Covid. It was a very good day for her, Sotomayor is usually 100% wrong.

Billy G.

Pope Francis has not given advice on marriage. He made a theological statement to Catholics (his work) about the relative value of the “sin” of “sins of the flesh” versus other things that the Catholic Church considers “sins”. If you’re not Catholic and you don’t agree with him, this shouldn’t concern you.

Seems like we live in a time where smart people are silenced so that stupid people aren’t offended.


Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, otherwise known as AOC, tested positive for Covid after partying without a mask at a Miami Beach drag bar. The hypocrisy of the Democratic left knows its limits. She would have been vaccinated and vaccinated, but she received it anyway and has symptoms. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Dan Fields

I haven’t seen a lot of evidence that Republicans are “solving” the Covid crisis, but I have seen a lot of evidence that they are making the pandemic worse.

Patriot 45. If it’s not plainly obvious that Fox also editorializes, pushes its political views, and skews the news just like left-wing networks, then congratulations, you’re officially indoctrinated! Expect to receive your certificate via USPS in 4-52 weeks.


Throughout 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (and still today), Hollywood libraries, Democrats and their propaganda media machine not only embraced but showed great delight in the unbroken public and vocal mantra of “F-Trump!” But now the same deranged progressives and their mainstream media seem offended by the “Let’s Go Brandon” madness sweeping the nation and view it as a dangerous threat to our democracy. What a bunch of hypocritical fools.


At KC on Jan. 9. I rushed when I typed my comment about fully vaccinated people dying of covid in Montgomery county. Obviously fully vaccinated people also die in Montco, but in Montco they are not as truthful and transparent as in Chester. KC, according to the CDC, fully vaccinated means 2 shots of Pfizer or Moderna. No mention of a recall requirement. And no time limit. KC, stop spreading false information.

Shirley Huck

According to Attorney General Merrick Garland, in his address to the nation, if I were Donald Trump, I would be shaking in my shoes. All of Trump’s cronies below him should be kicking their shoes off. And whoever threatens our legislators, I hope they throw the book at them.

Jay Miller

Why don’t Democrats and their mainstream media ignore Fauci and the CDC like they sex traffic? Dem’s be tripp’n!


Democratic Congressman James Clyburn wants the federal government to take over our elections. Here’s what he said that federal elections “cannot and should not be left to the states.” So Democrats want all the power, they want to make all the decisions, not just in Washington, DC, but in our daily lives. It’s fascist, but leftists are still fascist.


The deranged Never-Trumpers on Sound Off are absolutely giddy that some of Trump’s friends and family texted him during the Jan. 6 Capitol protests suggesting he make a public statement condemning the actions of those involved. . I wonder how many in Biden’s inner circle texted him when Clueless Joe bungled the deadly Afghan pullout. Or how many texted Obama, Biden and Clinton when they abandoned our embassy in Benghazi?


Is the Mercury’s social justice agenda meant to distract from a ruinous legacy? Police training in fabricated racial bias and the indoctrination of fairness in schools ring hollow in the context of crime in black communities, 17% reading fluency among black high school students, and the absence of fathers in 75% of black households. Each circumstance is born out of Democratic policies and alliances designed to expand political power and wealth at the expense of the vulnerable.

Mr. Furlong

The daily liberal bashing of our conservative friends seems to have sent the sect into a downward spiral. Our local Republicans no longer have that right-wing spark. Yes, they’re still crazy but they’re just repeating the same old lies. Plus, old Snarky thinks it’s a dating site. Republicans are useless! Isn’t it Snark?

Election lies undermine people’s confidence in our form of government. There is a staggering array of facts available to back up the 2020 election outcome. Including partisan recounts confirming the accuracy of the vote count in AZ, multiple recounts of hand-marked ballots in GA, 60 lost court challenges , 50 states that have all certified that their vote counts. Spreading lies and supporting liars who undermine our republic is wrong, as is encouraging foreign interference.


For radical leftists, Butthurt Never-Trumpers, progressive pundits of the DNC’s media propaganda machine, and David M, Patriot54, Jay Miller and Lefty (Sound Off’s deranged Four Horseman of the Political Apocalypse), January 6th is like Christmas, New Years and the lottery all came together in one exuberant day of celebration. An insurrection under any other name wouldn’t smell so good to them.

Miss! Miss

Only about 6 in 10 people in the United States are fully vaccinated and less than 1 in 4 of those eligible for boosters have received them. What is wrong with our fellow citizens? To wake up! To get vaccinated.

I have to hand it to all the Sound Off posters, you write a lot of fiction, not good fiction, but fiction. Asimov, Verne, King and Clancy have nothing to fear from you. We have fantasy fiction and science fiction, fairy tales and horror. Sadly, most of it is more than fiction, its outright misinformation, fabrications and untruths, and you know who you are who keeps repeating Brietbart, Newsmax and Fox.

David M.

I’m glad someone taught Mr. Furlong that he read too many Mark Levin books and was getting delusional.

If we had enough people and time / All our messages could be in rhyme. / But, to be fair to all my enemies, / I will recant the verses and stick to the prose.


Lefty said “Thank Biden and Fauci for vaccines and boosters and keeping Americans safe and alive. ” Truly ? How can someone with half a brain believe this claim? I guess it must be easier to brainwash a person with only half a brain than a person with a fully functioning brain. Amazing how easy it is to fool some people.


To those who don’t want the beatings. Why are you afraid of needles? Maybe your doctor advised you not to because of a medical condition? If you are taking medication, you are informed of potential side effects.
People without medical conditions should be OK quickly. Covid can kill. Getting vaccinated improves your chances of survival.

Hi Jay Miller! Finally! I completely agree with you on one point! Snow tires ! Maybe it’s because the only thing you know enough about is snow tires!

The tone of Sound Off could be improved.


From NPR: Millions on the right have been convinced that ex-President Trump’s baseless lies about a stolen election are somehow true. They are not. The independent judiciary, with many Republican-appointed judges and Trump himself, as well as state-by-state audits, have dismissed Trump’s bogus claims.


David M. just makes stuff up. On Monday, he said President Trump had spent 21% (5 hours a day) of his time playing golf during his last year in office. That would mean he played at least one round a day because according to, a round on an empty course should take 3 hours 47 minutes. No sane person should believe the outlandish claims of David M.

Jane Batdorf

If Twitter is so concerned about misinformation on its social media platform, why does CNN still have an active Twitter account?


Donald Trump was guilty of invading the “good old boy” political club of Democrats and Republicans combined. Neither side likes “outsiders!”

jim fitch

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