The Day – Religious freedom is not immoral



Cal Thomas wrote that a lack of morality in America causes “the decline of a nation”. There are certainly issues contributing to making life more difficult than in the past: a concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, forcing families to have one or both parents working two or more jobs to join the two ends at the expense of family time, bullying of children encouraged by adults calling their biological differences immoral. Even suggesting a belief in God would negate our constitutional law-based society.

Mr. Thomas calls several things immoral. LGBTQ people are mentioned prominently. This allows bullying and discrimination.

This country allows people to worship freely or not as they see fit. Mr. Thomas believes that it is immoral not to believe in his version of God and that people’s lower nature will prevail without this belief. For 246 years, the United States has been governed by principles enshrined in our Constitution that allowed for fair treatment of all by its citizens and government, with no religious laws imposed on the people.

Mr Thomas also has a problem with Harry and Meghan. Not so long ago, interracial marriage was illegal. Should we restore this racist policy in the name of its morality?

John Drew


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