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With the return of pumpkin spice and all things fall, it’s time to scare us again. Lucky for us, TikTok is chock full of spooky content, ranging from the fun and silly to the most terrifying. Here is a selection of the best Spookytoks to scare you without sleeping throughout the month of October.

Paranormal investigators

The spooky version of true crime buffs, TikTok is full of paranormal investigative videos. Whether you’re looking for professional ghost hunters, haunted hotel connoisseurs, or reckless Ouija board experiences, there are plenty of them.

Mark and Deanna, who run the @cryptids_and_crystals channel, explore haunted and often abandoned buildings. Producing a mix of hauntingly beautiful filmography, storytelling, and tech-assisted communication with the dead, their chain is alternately creepy, charming, and fun.

Alex Matsuo (@thespookystuff), a ‘skeptical believer’ and professional paranormal investigator, talks about her own experiences with the supernatural and provides alternate explanations to what appear to be ghostly phenomena in your home. Other topics range from demons, ghostly legends, and reviews of supposedly paranormal footage to humorous skits about what a paranormal investigator actually is. She also talks about the problematic side of the field, the tendency to whitewash and engage in queer erasure by telling the legends behind the haunting the disrespectful way some psychics and ghost hunters engage in affairs of. recent and high profile murder.

The Penn Paranormal Society (@pennparanormal) is a group of ghost hunters based in and around Pennsylvania. With a channel full of clips from previous investigations, they are also regularly broadcast live during the hunt. Add in a few visits to famous haunted places and the collection of haunted dolls they sort of acquired, and they’ll have you asking questions before too long.

American ghosts, cemeteries and monsters

Some parts of America are more haunted than others. Whether it’s a high concentration of haunted houses or misty graveyards filled with accused witches and vampires, TikTok has its share of story collectors and psychics to help you explore these places safely behind the scenes. on your phone screen.

Petitflaneur (@petitflaneur), who lists “local queer ghost” instead of a name, is a tour guide in what she describes as a haunted pioneer village. In addition to posting articles about her daily life, she also takes viewers on virtual tours of the village and details the history of the various buildings and ghosts on her route. Sometimes the Haunted Residents make an appearance, causing her to abandon the mission and run away in the middle of a sentence, but that’s just the price you pay to work on it, isn’t it?

Beckie-Ann Galentine (@mybloodygalentine) travels up and down New England, one of the spookiest places in America. Whether it’s vampire panics, witch hunts, or the area’s many haunted cemeteries, Galentine does it all, accompanying it all with highly aesthetic and whimsical New England visuals. Her channel is a good choice for people who are easily scared as it is full of interesting stories with just a thrill of dread rather than full-blown fear.

Amanda, who runs @spookynewengland, also travels New England, explores haunted places and investigates unexplained phenomena in the area. His channel is much more disturbing than Galentine’s, with a real dread factor. One of his most popular videos, with 5.1 million views, is a tour of the The basement of Conjuring House.

Eenie Edenfield (@saltwavesspanishmoss) is a ghost story and folklore collector from Savannah, Georgia. One of America’s most haunted cities, it combines cemetery hiding with folklore, history, and debunking common myths behind local ghost stories. Despite skeptical fact checking, there is a lot of phantasmagoria on his channel. Eenie isn’t here to prove that ghosts don’t exist; she just wants people to get their facts straight.

Provider of stories about cryptids, monsters, and hauntings, Jeremy Foster (@modernskald) tells his stories in a deep, soothing voice that helps offset the creep factor while taking you deeper and deeper. folklore, rigged paranormal imagery and endless non-deer videos currently circulating. While the debunking might seem like a bit of a killjoy and counter-dread, it’s anything but – after all, when you find something you can’t explain, it gets a lot scarier.

As well as providing fun and spooky Halloween vibes, Brittany Petronella (@ghoulplease_) takes you on a journey around Salem and the haunted neighborhoods of New York City, recounting ghost stories, folklore, and the dark history of the trials of the witches of Salem. She is also a fan of old cemeteries, Hocus pocus, and places with a fun, witchy, or scary vibe. A strange video of a cemetery where she felt a strange energy has over 4.4 million views.

Haunted houses and possessed items

Some people choose to live in haunted houses and collect possessed dolls. Other people come to it reluctantly, because after all, once you’ve put all your money into buying a house, there’s not much you can do if you find it filled with unwanted spectral roommates.

Soulmori (@soulmori), an artist living in England, recounts her family’s experiences after her parents moved into an extremely haunted house. Presenting her viewers with what she claims to be a mixture of fact and fiction, refusing to say which is which because “it’s more interesting that way”, she takes them on a discovery of haunted dolls, spooky paintings and pictures other disturbing events. She’s also put together a collection of haunted dolls that she takes care of and treats like children, inviting the spirits inside to do things like help her pick out her makeup for the day.

Brianne and Brett (@theghostsandthegays) are ghost hunters who have a habit of finding and collecting haunted items. With regular videos of them browsing thrift stores with an EMF counter, actively trying to find the most haunted antiques, their collection is still mostly dolls. And it grows.

After living in her new home for a year, Norma Maree’s dog (@normamaree) started behaving strangely, looking at things no one else could see and being afraid for what seemed like no reason. It was when they tore up their bridge to build a new one that things took a darker turn when they found what looked like a human bone under the concrete (which police determined to be “non-human “). Things have been scary since then, and although she is still skeptical, the skepticism is slowly fading.

* First published: October 7, 2021, 7 a.m. CDT


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