The 20 Best South Park Characters, Ranked



“South Park” offers what is arguably the friendliest version of Satan since John Milton wrote “Paradise Lost.” Through songs and various revelations about Parker and Stone’s vision of the afterlife, it’s heavily implied that Satan was kicked out of heaven — which is Mormon — for being gay. In Hell, where you’ll find the usual suspects like Adolf Hitler as well as notable non-Mormons like George Burns, Mahatma Gandhi, and Princess Diana, Satan functions as the benevolent overseer of another afterlife. He even celebrates Christmas, because in “South Park” Christ is, of course, a non-judgmental TV host.

But Satan is not only an advocate of happy alternative lifestyles; he is also a survivor of domestic violence. After forming a relationship with Saddam Hussein, Satan quickly found himself scorned, ignored and reprimanded. However, he was so codependent that he couldn’t leave. Even after finally killing Saddam, who quickly returned to hell, Satan couldn’t enter into a more supportive relationship while his ex remained.

Satan finally realized that he needed to be alone, and so he asked God for a favor; As a result, Saddam was sent to Mormon heaven, which for him was true Hell. Finally freed from his attacker, Satan finally learned to defend himself.

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