The 14 Most Hilarious Cameos From Superhero Movies And TV



The Lego Movies have yet to find a comic book hero or villain they can’t playfully dispatch. Batman’s groundbreaking appearance in the original “The Lego Movie” set the tone for 2017’s spin-off, “The Lego Batman Movie.” This stellar effort features offbeat appearances from most of the Dark Knight rogue galleries, but it’s Billy Dee Williams’ Two-Face who is the clear winner, in cameo.

For those who don’t know or may have forgotten, Billy Dee Williams appears in Tim Burton’s “Batman” as Harvey Dent, the future Two-Face. However, he didn’t play the villain in Joel Schumacher’s colorful and composed “Batman Forever.” As great as Tommy Lee Jones’ take on the character is, it makes Williams’ work in “The Lego Batman Movie” a joyful act of wish-fulfillment.

In the film’s opening sequence, Gotham’s most colorful villains attack the city simultaneously. One of them is Two-Face, who drives a truck full of chemicals straight through a security checkpoint. Hilarious, he doesn’t sneer maliciously. Instead, he goes full Billy Dee Williams. “We need that door open, baby!” Two-faced moans. It’s one of the funniest openings of any comedy in recent years, let alone a superhero movie, and it’s all down to the cameos.

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