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Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a dynamic pastime for collectors. Card values ​​can sometimes be unpredictable, as it depends much more on the playability of the cards than, say, the Pokémon TCG. However, collectors have some influence, and SCR cards with popular characters sometimes end up being break cards. Now every month I will post an episode of this series, Dragon Ball Super CG Watch of value. This series is not financial advice but rather a way to help collectors know the trajectory of a card’s availability so that DBSCG finalists like me know when to strike. Today, let’s see how the cards of Supreme rivalry which was released in May 2021 do so now.

Supreme Rivalry Logo. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Here are the most popular cards from Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Supreme Rivalry with market values ​​observed on TCGPlayer nowadays :

  1. SS3 Gohanks, Interdimensional Warrior SCR BT13-153: $ 154.40
  2. Syn Shenron, Corrupted by Darkness SCR BT13-152: $ 90.36
  3. Robelu, secretary of Demigra BT13-154: $ 52.32
  4. The Power of a Super Saiyan SPR BT13-120: $ 16.41
  5. Majin Buu, Agent of Destruction Assault SPR BT13-034: $ 14.58
  6. The Power of a Super Saiyan SR BT13-120: $ 11.22
  7. Majin Buu, Agent of Destruction Assault SR BT13-034: $ 10.69
  8. SS2 Son Gohan, Amazing Strike SPR BT13-036: $ 10.48
  9. Imposing Presence of King Vegeta SPR BT13-030: $ 8.19
  10. Supreme Kai of Time, Time Labyrinth Unleashed SPR BT13-135: $ 5.35

Dragon Ball Super Card Game sets often tend towards a single chase card containing by far the highest value in the set. This is true for SS Son Goku and Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion of Crossed spirits and Pan, Time Patrol Maiden of Saiyan clash. Here we can see that SS3 Gohanks, Interdimensional Warrior is the expansion’s most valuable card by a huge stretch with other Secret Rares now calling for under $ 100. Interestingly, none of the SCRs feature iconic characters, so that ends up being a pretty average value when it comes to a chase SCR.

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