Supreme Court to reconstitute committee to oversee operation of Hyderabad Cricket Association



New Delhi: The Supreme Court said on Wednesday it would reconstitute the committee responsible for overseeing the functioning of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) and has sought the names of former players, judges to this effect, saying the team will win if the panel focuses on the players and not indulge in politics.

HCA chairman and former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin and cricket corps secretary R Vijayanand and the factions led by them clash with each other over the appointment of former Supreme Court justice Justice Deepak Verma, as ombudsman.

“If the committee is focused on the players it (the team) will win and if you get into politics it won’t. Now the court has started to intervene, so you focus on the game,” said the bench led by Chief Justice NV Ramana. .

“Give the names of some people who know the game. Okay, you give names of players and others who have nothing to do with politics … we will name the committee”, the bench, also composed of Judges AS Bopanna and Hima Kohli, mentioned.

Senior lawyer Rakesh Khanna, representing one of the parties, said HCA staff members were not receiving a salary because the secretary failed to sign the checks as requested by the highest court in his latest order from October 27.

“That’s why we asked you to give the names,” said the bench.

Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin. Sportzpics for BCCI

On October 27, the highest court asked HCA president Azharuddin and the secretary to jointly sign checks to ensure that the day-to-day functioning of the HCA is not hampered at this time.

He had also published opinions on appeals filed by the HCA and its member Budding Star Cricket Club against an order of the High Court in Telangana.

The highest court had issued a consent order to ensure the proper functioning of the HCA and said: “Until these matters are finally heard by this Court, and with the consent of the parties, we deem it appropriate to order to both the President and the Secretary of the Hyderabad Cricket Association to jointly sign the checks so that the daily functioning of the Association is not hampered at this time. “

Previously, the highest court had expressed its deep dissatisfaction with the functioning of the HCA and the dispute over the issue of the appointment of the ombudsman and said it would order an investigation of the whole matter by a former supreme court or a high court. court judge.

“Cricket has gone elsewhere and politics have taken hold,” the judiciary said, adding “We will appoint good people, retired Supreme Court or High Court judges to conduct an investigation. Let the two of the two (HCA) groups) go … They will have to get out of the leadership. This requires an investigation by the CBI. They even want to drag justice. “

He had asked the mediator Judge Verma not to make any order since his mandate had already come to an end.

The HCA and its member Budding Star Cricket Club ‘have filed appeals against the order of the Telangana High Court which upheld the appointment of the mediator by Azharuddin and other members of the HCA.

The High Court, in its April 6 judgment, overturned an order from a Hyderabad civil court to stay the decision of the HCA Supreme Council to appoint Judge Verma as ombudsman and responsible for the ethics of the HCA.

While upholding Judge Verma’s appointment, the High Court had gravely criticized HCA secretary Vijayanand for playing a fraudulent role to abuse the court process.

The HCA was divided over the appointment of Judge Verma as ombudsman and a case was brought to civil court by a Budding Star Cricket Club ‘, which is affiliated with the HCA.

It was argued in the lower court that the HCA Supreme Council’s resolution, appointing Judge Verma, did not have the force of law.

She had argued that the appointment decision could only be taken at the annual general meeting. As a result, the civil court suspended the appointment of Judge Verma.

In review, the Charminar Cricket Club, also affiliated with the HCA, argued in the High Court that the applicant was in collusion with HCA secretary Vijayanand and lacked good faith.

The High Court overturned the city court’s decision and severely criticized the HCA secretary, calling the dispute over the appointment of the mediator collusion.

“It is clear that the Secretary of the 2nd Respondent (HCA), having accepted the appointment of Judge Deepak Verma as Ombudsman and Ethics Officer at the Apex Council meeting held on June 6, 2020, which was ratified at the next Apex Council meeting on August 13, 2020, attempted to sabotage said appointment by inviting the 1st respondent to file the PO giving the wrong address of the 2nd respondent …

“It is clear that the HCA secretary accepted a particular decision at the Apex board meeting, then smuggled another meeting on the same behind President Mohammed Azharuddin’s back, passed another resolution and willfully misled the court into getting the mediator’s appointment suspended, ”the High Court said.

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