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ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned a full remand to the court scheduled for August 11 to bid farewell to Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, who will receive his retirement pension on August 14.

According to an official document, the full remand to the court scheduled in honor of Judge Syed Sajjad Ali Shah on August 11 has been canceled at the request of the judge.

“Additionally, the Farewell Dinner in honor of the Judge has also been reduced and will now be held in the Judges’ Colony at the request of Judge Syed Sajjad Ali Shah,” the press release reads.

It is customary for the Supreme Court to hold the full dismissal consisting of all the judges of the highest court to praise the services rendered by the outgoing judges.

In addition to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, speeches are also delivered during the plenary referral by the outgoing Justice, the Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP), the Vice President of the Bar Council of Pakistan and the President of the Association of the bar of the Supreme Court.

The referral is also monitored by experienced lawyers and family members of some of the judges.

After the references, the judges also interact with the lawyers at a tea party outside Courtroom 1 in the Hall of Ceremonies. And in the evening, the Supreme Court hosts a proper dinner where shields and bouquets were presented to the outgoing justices followed by a lavish feast.

Currently, AGP Ashtar Ausaf is unavailable and unable to attend the referral as he has just landed in the UK after completing his medical treatment in the US. It is also traditional that a Principal or Additional Attorney General may be invited to represent the AGP by delivering his or her speech on occasion.

PBC Vice Chairman Hafeezur Rehman Chaudhry had come to the council office on Wednesday, but left town shortly after learning the event had been cancelled.

Interestingly, SCBA management is on a 12-day pleasure trip to four European countries: France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The delegation is led by SCBA President Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon.

Asked why the visit was scheduled on dates to coincide with the full committal to court, Mr Bhoon said Dawn that the visit had been scheduled much earlier, but dispelled the impression that the SCBA leadership’s absence had something to do with the Supreme Court’s July 25 rejection of the request for a plea hearing from the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi by a full court consisting of all available judges.

Led by Latif Afridi, former SCBA presidents including Ahsan Bhoon had asked the High Court to convene a full court to hear the case since the crisis escalated, but the court denied the appeal .

“This is not a reaction,” Bhoon said, adding that he believed the request for the full court was made to give the supreme court an opportunity to enhance its dignity and prestige since “we believe that the interpretation made by the supreme court in the presidential remand on section 63A of the constitution which deals with the defection clause did not reflect the sentiments of the people as a whole. Thus, the full remand to the court was an attempt to give the court the opportunity to undo what was said in the interpretation of the presidential dismissal,” he said.

Posted in Dawn, August 11, 2022

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