Supreme Court orders permanent ban of notorious air conditioning man

  • Alwyn Healy permanently banned from retail in WA air conditioning industry
  • Supreme Court finds he violated an enforceable undertaking signed in 2015
  • Compensation order to reimburse $ 10,500 to two recent clients
  • The Supreme Court has issued a permanent order that a seller of Tapping would never again be involved in retail air conditioning to consumers in WA following a new consumer protection lawsuit.

    Alwyn Robert Healy has been the subject of numerous public warnings and lawsuits involving consumer protection since 2002. He has operated under various trade names, the most recent being REACTAir.

    On December 23, 2021, the Supreme Court definitively prohibited him from intervening in any capacity whatsoever in the retail sale, supply, installation, negotiation or acceptance of orders for any air conditioning system for use. personal, whether as owner, manager or employee. He was also ordered to pay a total of $ 10,500 in compensation to two recent clients.

    In the reasons for her decision to order a permanent injunction, Justice Archer noted: “In my opinion, it is almost inevitable that Mr. Healy will continue to break consumer law if he is not held up.

    His Honor added: “Mr. Healy has no idea of ​​his behavior. There is no reason to believe that Mr. Healy can change his behavior out of remorse. He shows no remorse. Mr. Healy’s relationships with customers show that he prioritizes his own interests over fair and honest relationships with consumers. “

    Consumer complaints over many years were primarily about Mr Healy’s claims that the air conditioning systems he was selling cooled and reheated both when there was no heating function. He also accepted substantial deposits but failed to install the systems within a reasonable timeframe, if at all.

    The latest lawsuit came when Mr Healy violated a binding undertaking, signed in July 2015, which barred him from being involved in the industry for five years. Eight months before the expiration of the engagement, Mr. Healy began advertising and subsequently providing his products and services, and four consumer complaints were received. The Supreme Court said the undertaking had been violated.

    Acting Consumer Protection Commissioner Penny Lipscombe has said she hopes the permanent ban will put an end to the long-standing affair.

    “For almost twenty years, we have issued warnings and taken numerous actions against Mr Healy as complaints and the amount of money he owed his clients increased,” said Ms Lipscombe.

    “I think Mr. Healy has proven to be unable to work for or operate an air conditioning company without breaking consumer laws. He has shown contempt for the law and for many of his customers who rightly deserve to get exactly what they ordered and within a reasonable time frame.

    “Despite numerous court orders requiring Mr. Healy to pay compensation to his clients, most have been left behind. A single judgment awarded $ 127,000 in damages, but nothing was paid.

    “I hope this latest Supreme Court decision will be the final of this saga. Mr. Healy’s activities will be closely monitored to ensure he complies with the ban. “

    If a consumer is approached by Alwyn Healy regarding air conditioning sales, please file a complaint through the Consumer protection website

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