Supreme Court issues opinions to states for non-compliance with pollution reduction measures



The Supreme Court on Monday issued an opinion on the issue of air pollution in Delhi and asked the Center and stated the reasons for not complying with measures that should have been to reduce air pollution.

The bench led by Chief Justice of India Judge NV Ramana heard the plea on the worsening air situation in Delhi NCR.

Senior lawyer Vikas Singh, appearing on behalf of the petitioner, argued that construction has been banned in Delhi-NCR, but construction work on the Central Vista project continues.

Meanwhile, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said he filed the affidavit.

Justice NV Ramana asked the Solicitor General if the court would be able to read the affidavit so soon and said, “You are going to file the affidavit and we can read it soon. “

Therefore, CJI asked the SG to explain the important issues filed in the affidavit.

During the proceedings, CJI spoke about the new variant of the coronavirus, he said: “While we are faced with the problem of air pollution, the problem of the new variant of the corona is growing. is also placed there. “

“We are taking different measures for the virus,” the SG said.

SG argued that besides PNG there is a presence of other fuel based industries in Delhi NCR, they carried out a surprise check regarding diesel generator sets and found they were in use. for general electricity by shopping centers, etc.

SG added that all states were instructed by the Air Quality Control Committee 6 months ago for all 5 states to use other fuels or relocate these industries, and despite this, states did not comply with the committee’s instructions.

Judge NV Ramana inquired about the compliance of the prescribed steps and said: “What happened to his compliance? “

“There is no information about it. We consider that non-compliance and other institutions should be fined, ”SG said.

CJI said that according to the Center, nothing happens even after giving orders to said states.

The bench, when issuing the advisory, said, “We will issue notices to these states and ask them why it is not being implemented?” “

CJI said that not only that, the Center is responsible for most areas of Delhi, and asked the center to list the measures it is taking to tackle air pollution.

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