Supreme Court denies Azam Swati stayed in his Quetta nursing home



ISLAMABAD — The Supreme Court on Sunday denied that PTI leader Azam Swati stayed at his rest home in Quetta.

The day before, Senator Swati had held a press conference on his private videos now circulating on the Internet. He told the press conference that he was filmed while he was at the Quetta High Court Rest House.

However, the SC denied the request, stating that the rest home was managed and supervised by its Registrar’s Office and was intended solely for the use of serving and former judges of the High Court.

“It is clarified that Mr. Muhammad Azam Swati has never used/stayed in the Supreme Court Justices Rest House in Quetta,” read a statement from the SC.

The SC public relations office clarified that the senator stayed at the Balochistan Judicial Academy (Judicial Complex in Quetta), as informed by the special branch of the province. The Quetta court complex, however, does not fall under the control of the Supreme Court.

On the other hand, the Balochistan Judicial Academy also rejected the Special Branch’s report that Swati was staying at its premises in Quetta.

“The Balochistan Special Branch’s report regarding the Balochistan Judicial Academy is wrong and baseless,” the statement said, adding that the academy is operating in an old building on Anscomb Road Quetta for academic purposes without any facilities. accommodation or rest since September. 2019.

Signed by Rashid Mehmood, Director General of Balochistan Judicial Academy, the statement mentioned that previously the academy operated for academic purposes in two halls and one small hall located within the premises of the University’s law school. from Balochistan on the Khojjak route from Quetta for hire.

Even then, according to the statement, the academy had no accommodation or nursing home.

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