Sony Announces Horizon Zero Dawn Series Coming to Netflix



Horizon coming to Netflix is ​​the next step in the long line of game adaptations

Video game adaptations for television and film keep coming, as Sony announced today that it is working in conjunction with Netflix to develop a Horizon Zero Dawn series. The news broke today after Sony’s 2022 business presentation to investors, and was originally reported by David Gibson, a famous video game analyst. While Sony did not mention Horizon in the presentation materials, the slides also mentioned several other ongoing projects.

According to the presentation, Sony also has a God of the war series in development with Amazon Prime, as well as a Gran Turismo pitch that they are currently working on developing. When you consider the Ghost of Tsushima movie that has already been announced, the twisted metal series that would have an all-star cast attached, and the The last of us which is currently filming for HBO, Sony is set to take over the streaming platforms with their gaming properties.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO and President Tony Vinciquerra said that in addition to these projects, they also have “10 other PlayStation titles in various stages of development for film and TV.” . 10 more? Seriously? I don’t know guys, maybe let’s start with what we have before we go all-in on this one.

I can’t help but think that Sony is biting off a little more than they can chew here.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a decent choice for a Netflix series considering it’s one of the most cinematic games in Sony’s lineup, but that’s never been a guarantee before. The recent Unexplored The film was a moderate success at the box office, but other than that, the video game adaptations have yet to catch on with mainstream audiences.

Unless the creatives behind these projects really start to understand the magic of what a good TV/movie game adaptation looks like, Sony could be looking at a whole range of series and movies that are acceptable at best.

I trust they’ll get along eventually, but until they prove me wrong, I think I’ll stick to playing their games instead of watching them.

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