Someone in Oklahoma is using Justin Bieber for their passport



Identity theft is no jim joke! MILLION FAMILIES SUFFER EVERY YEAR!

Sometimes you just have to look at people and say, “What the hell are you thinking about? A man investigating fraudulent passport photos must have shared the hilarious photo he received last week. Someone claiming to be from Oklahoma is using this passport below.

Okay, first of all the first thing we notice is the photo. It’s clearly a photo of Justin Bieber from a few years ago. Of all the people to use for your fake passport photo, do you choose one of the biggest pop stars on the planet? Don’t pick a face that someone would say, “Hey, I think this guy looks familiar to you.”

I wish the names weren’t blackened out so we could see what this person was doing. Hopefully it wasn’t Justin Bieber. Another thing that caught my attention about this fake passport was the birthday. October 22, 1967. Damn, for being about 54, this guy looks pretty darn good on his passport picture.

It’s nice to know that people are checking licenses and passport photos so that we don’t have people traveling abroad not knowing who they are. I seriously doubt that person’s job will be that easy on a daily basis. Two seconds after watching it, you know it’s wrong. You don’t even have to type anything to search.

Friendly reminder, passport fraud is a very serious offense. You could be fined $ 250,000 and up to ten years in prison. If the fraud concerns drug trafficking, the penalty increases to 20 years in prison. Don’t be stupid and also don’t be SO stupid to use a celebrity photo for your photo.

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