Serve Hot Meals, Hot Rewards, and a Cold Room with the Meal Token


Meals is a BEP-20 token with the aim of making sense of the world of crypto trading.

Unlike the traditional narrative, cryptocurrencies have a lot more to offer than just speculation about the new flavor of pet-inspired memecoins.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to have a lasting impact on society. Meals is a humble creator’s ambitious contribution to turning this potential for good into reality for the average consumer.

Fight against child hunger with the tax on meals

As a BEP-20 token living on the Binance Smart Chain, Meals offers fast and secure transactions. Each of these transactions is subject to a 15% fee, aptly referred to as the meal tax.

Most of the tax on meals goes to a charitable fund, one of the Meal Token’s flagship projects. The profits from this campaign are donated to reputable social organizations.

A careful monitoring process is involved in the selection of beneficiary organizations. Only parties with a proven track record of working tirelessly to feed underprivileged children can pass the selection process.

The goal of this verification process is to ensure that every penny goes to improving the lives of the struggling communities that need help the most.

As a charity token, one of the hallmark philosophies of Meals is to bring transparency to the process of charity campaigns. The Prime-Purpose Token achieves this by posting irrefutable proof of donations via Twitter acknowledgments and website announcements with receipts.

Although this is a young token with minimal marketing efforts so far, the Meals community has already contributed over $ 6,000 to organizations fighting child hunger.

The vast majority of the proceeds went to No Kid Hungry, a team of passionate volunteers dedicated to serving hot, healthy meals to young children across the United States.

Making crypto accessible with copper wallets

Being a strong supporter of blockchain technology, the Meals community is excited to see the increasing adoption rate of cryptocurrencies. The popular discourse on digital tokens is slowly but surely shifting from being a speculative asset to that of a financial revolution.

Despite all of this advancement, there is an undeniable void between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and ordinary citizens, and that is the technical know-how needed to get started.

Understanding the purpose of blockchain technology is intimidating for many people, while building a wallet, depositing funds, and following cybersecurity best practices is a non-technical person’s nightmare.

To fill this void, Meals is laying a seamless bridge in the form of cold storage physical coin portfolios. Crafted of pure .999 copper, these coins inject a dose of familiarity into an economy unknown to the non-technical individual.

Humans have used copper coins as a form of currency for centuries. The psychological impact of holding valuables in the palm of your hand is undeniable.

Most importantly, these copper coins make the process of joining the cryptocurrency revolution hassle-free for every type of consumer. There is no longer any need to set up a wallet, manage addresses and worry about the security of private keys.

With these refrigerated wallets, everything is quickly scanned using distinctive laser-etched QR codes. This unique setup aims to speed up daily transactions, secure long-term storage, and turn the entire process into a seamless experience.

Offer a digital asset with solid fundamentals

While the core mission of this blockchain-for-good token is to uplift struggling communities and nurture children from marginalized backgrounds, there are multiple built-in mechanisms to reward investors who fuel this momentum for change.

Of the 16% tax on meals, 5% is used for automatic liquidity lock-in, ensuring a seamless trading experience for new entrants and holders for life.

Additionally, meals are a reflection token, as 2% of all transactions are distributed proportionally among holders as a reward for their contributions.

With a fundamentally strong tokenomic, a passionate community, and an unwavering determination to use blockchain for good, Meals is designed to attract investors and social activists.

Although still in its infancy, this healthy token is already listed on popular data sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The result so far includes thousands of US dollars in charitable donations and dividend distributions.

These early wins are a testament to the public demand for cryptocurrency trading with a goal.

Fighting child hunger, one transaction at a time

Taking up arms against child hunger is an extremely ambitious endeavor. But with the support of the wider blockchain community, the Meals family firmly believe that significant impact is achievable.

To learn more about Meals and join the fight against child hunger, visit the links below:



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