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A Republican state senator and vaccine mandate opponent who was hospitalized with COVID-19 more than a month ago is now discharged from hospital and undergoing respiratory therapy, his office said on Tuesday.

Senator Andre Jacque, R-De Pere and his family “wish to thank everyone for the prayers and good wishes that make his recovery possible,” said spokesman Matthew Tompach.

“Sen. Jacques is doing much better; he is in touch with his staff on legislative and district matters, and he reaches out to his friends and colleagues,” Tompach said in an email. “Although Senator Jacque has a long way to go as he continues his respiratory and occupational therapy, he is feeling good mentally, breathing well and making substantial progress towards his recovery. “

Pfizer says new data suggests that a third dose of its COVID vaccine can greatly increase protection against the delta variant.

tomtach later confirmed to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Jacque had been transferred to another care establishment “to continue the rehabilitation phase of his recovery”. He did not say what kind of installation.

Jacque, 40, who has six children, said on Aug. 16 he was in hospital with pneumonia but was largely asymptomatic except for fatigue. A week later, Jacque’s office confirmed that he was intubated and placed on a ventilator on August 23.

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