Sean Doolittle joins protest outside Supreme Court in support of abortion rights



Washington Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle is currently on MLB’s 10-day injured list with a sprained elbow ligament.

With the Nationals in Colorado for a three-game series, Eireann Dolan’s husband decided to put his newfound free time to good use. He joined a rally in favor of abortion rights at the Supreme Court.

Sean and Eireann were scouted by Nationals super fan Lacey M. – although Lacey admitted in an interview with RMNB that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing at first.

“The protest was pretty packed and I was walking away from the crowd when I thought I saw Sean and Eireann sitting on the Capitol side of the street,” Lacey said. “At first he looked great from afar but I thought I was just seeing things because the Nats were in Colorado. Then I remembered he was on the disabled list.

Lacey, wearing a navy Ruth Bader Ginsburg shirt, pulled out her phone and crossed what she saw with a photo of Sean and Eireann together on Google.

“I wasn’t really surprised that Sean and Eireann were there because they do so much for the community and different causes like LGBTQ youth programs,” Lacey said. “I’m a huge Sean fan. I even went to his farewell game last year when he was playing for the Reds.

After mustering up even more courage (she was already protesting against the highest decision-makers in the country), Lacey approached the person she thought was Sean and had a question for him.

Are you Sean Doolittle?

“Sean said yes and asked my name, shook my hand,” Lacey said. “I asked if we could take a quick selfie and Eireann offered to take pictures. They were both super nice. I said thank you for being there and he thanked me for being there.

Eireann also took a selfie, perhaps accidentally, while trying to take pictures, which made the experience even more special for Lacey.

Sean’s hastily made cardboard sign for Judge Samuel Alito was inspired by a 2013 Danny DeVito tweet for Judge Antonin Scalia.

“The collection of recyclable materials was Monday!” Eireann explained on Twitter. “Otherwise [Sean] would have had plenty of lightly used pizza boxes to make a better sign.

Alito, whose sign Sean is referring to, wrote the leaked draft opinion that invalidates the Roe vs. Wade ruling, which protects a pregnant woman’s freedom to choose to have an abortion without undue government restriction.

“I was off work for the day and I go to protests as often as I can, especially for things like that,” Lacey said. “People need to speak up and vote. We are the majority and Roe vs. Wade had many attempts to overturn it, so it’s really screwed up that all of a sudden our rights are at stake based on the religious beliefs of the judges. It’s supposed to be a separation between church and state.

World Series winner Doolittle returned to the Nats in 2022 after spending one season with the Cincinnati Reds and Seattle Mariners. Doolittle has returned to his form of years past, striking out six batters in 5.1 innings pitched so far this season. He allowed one hit and no runs in his six relief appearances.

Doolittle became a beloved gamer during his time in Washington due to his quirky personality, activism, and love of Star Wars.

Photos used with permission from Lacey M.

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