Schlafly’s NA English Pale Ale is the beer to know this week


As we’ve noted a few times this year, non-alcoholic beer consumption is on the rise. St. Louis’ Schlafly Beer is a believer, forming a joint venture with WellBeing Brewing Co., a fast-growing national non-alcoholic craft beer company in St. Louis, in July earlier this year. The duo are on the verge of filling some holes in the NA market. The recently launched Match Day Light, a 35 calorie non-alcoholic English Pale Ale, is a prime example.

Based on Schlafly Beer’s original recipe, ingredients include London yeast, Essex Chocolate malt, East Kent Golding, Northdown and Pilgrim hops. The new style celebrates St. Louis’ love of football through the packaging and ingredients used to brew it, and the style selection is an intentional nod to Schlafly’s flagship beer of the past 30 years. .

“This new style showcases our rich history at Schlafly as well as St. Louis’ pride in football,” CEO Fran Caradonna said. “English Pale Ale has been intimately linked to sport for generations. Our brewing teams have captured the authentic taste of our flagship English Pale Ale, while offering a low-calorie, alcohol-free option, which is no small feat.

The marketing of some kind of “game time” NA beer is interesting. A key statistic Schlafly cites with this: A 2021 IWSR study found that more than half (58%) of no/low alcohol drinkers choose to switch between no/low alcohol drinks. alcohol and full-strength alcoholic beverages on the same occasion, while only 14% report not drinking alcohol at all, reporting signs of moderation and concern for their health as consumer drivers.

(So ​​yeah, a perfect beer addition to your Thanksgiving football cooler, as it might help cut down on family arguments.)

“Match Day Light really brings our collaborative partnership to life,” says Jeff Stevens, CEO of WellBeing Brewing Co. “From can design to taste, it delivers the quality that craft beer drinkers have come to expect from both brands. WellBeing and Schlafly also have a strong dedication to our community, and this non-alcoholic craft beer gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate the excitement around football in St. Louis.

WellBeing Brewing was founded in 2018 by Jeff Stevens and Genevieve Barlow. The idea behind the brewery grew out of a personal desire by Jeff, who has been sober for over 25 years, to uplift the non-alcoholic social landscape after experiencing constant disappointment with the limited drink choices available to people who don’t. do not drink alcohol, as well as the negative stigma associated with not drinking. With two locations in St. Louis, MO and Virginia Beach, VA, WellBeing beers are brewed for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle, is reassessing their relationship with alcohol, or just wants to take a night off, but stay social. and feel included. in pleasure.

As a partner, Schlafly Beer has brewed and packaged Match Day Light and will do so for new non-alcoholic wellness products. Schlafly also manages sales and production of the WellBeing NA brands, working with existing WellBeing contract brewer and distributor partners, and manages inventory, materials sourcing, logistics and sales support. WellBeing oversees product development, marketing, content, advertising, and grows its e-commerce business.


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