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Robert Pattinson is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to the release of The Batman, which proved to be a critical and commercial success. The film can be seen as the actor’s return to the limelight after starring in several other films over the years which received excellent reviews.

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The scores on Metacritic are an easy way to see which of the credits where Pattinson appears was the best. These are the reviews provided by vetted critics, so there’s no doubt that the movies that make up the top 10 are definitely the ones that the majority of critics found to be the pick of the bunch.

ten The Rover (2014) – 64 – Stream on Showtime

Guy Pierce and Robert Pattinson in The Rover

This dystopian western drama is set in outback Australia during a global economic meltdown. Protagonist Eric (Guy Pearce) is a mysterious loner whose car is broken into, prompting him to hunt his attackers. Robert Pattinson plays Reynolds, a young man who is part of the Rogues, who is caught by Eric.

The film is about the strange relationship that forms between Eric and Reynolds as the former is eagerly looking for his car for unknown reasons. Pattinson’s performance was praised for the confrontational and morally gray character he played, with the rover one of the first films where he began to diversify his acting credits.

9 Maps To The Stars (2014) – 67 – Stream on iTunes

A rather bizarre satirical film, Maps to the stars dramatizes and parodies Hollywood stars’ bid for fame, featuring a variety of characters who do terrible things just to become popular. Pattinson appears as a struggling actor and limousine driver who is one of the many people who lost their integrity to succeed.

Maps to the stars wasn’t particularly well received by viewers, but the majority of critics were won over by the way it sheds light on celebrity culture. Pattinson plays a supporting role that proves important as his and everyone else’s actions tip the protagonist’s psyche to the brink.


8 Childhood of a Leader (2016) – 68 – Stream On AMC+

Robert Pattinson took a bold approach as a member of a fascist state, playing a man called Charles Marker. The childhood of a chef is about a young boy (Tom Sweet) whose innocence is shredded over time as he is groomed to learn the fascist mentality.

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Pattinson also appears as the oldest version of the child, proving that Charles Marker was the boy’s father all along. The film is a dark take on the coming-of-age genre, with the characters corrupting the boy and the journey showing how it’s done.

7 Tenet (2020) – 69 – Stream on HBO Max

Robert Pattinson in Tenet

There aren’t too many movies similar to Christopher Nolan’s Principle, which makes it a real headache. Robert Pattinson appears as Neil, the handler of John David Washington’s CIA protagonist, with the two characters working together to prevent a future threat from wiping out the world.

The film is considered Pattinson’s return to the mainstream, as the actor had starred in smaller projects for several years before. Principlethe exit. It stays true to Nolan’s directing style where there are more questions than answers and Pattinson’s character is just as mysterious as the rest.

6 The Batman (2022) – 72 – Stream on HBO Max

Batman looks to his right

The jump to joining another big franchise paid off for Robert Pattinson with The Batman. The superhero movie received excellent reviews, with most endorsing Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. Her story sees Batman teaming up with Catwoman as the pair attempt to track down The Riddler.

The Batman did not reach greater heights than those of Christopher Nolan Batman the movies rank, but they brought The Dark Knight back to theaters after roughly a decade without the hero’s presence in a standalone film. Its dark background and violent characters have been hailed for making the Batman world as scary as it’s supposed to be.

5 High Life (2018) – 77 – Stream on Fubo TV

high life

In what might be one of Robert Pattinson’s underrated films, high life is a dark science fiction film where he plays a prisoner in space. The premise is that criminals are sent into a black hole to extract energy where most of them lose their lives in terrible ways.

Pattinson’s character is tasked with raising a child in space, with trouble arising as the rest of the prisoners and the harsh environment prove to be an obstacle. high life is somewhat confusing to understand because it’s told from a non-linear perspective, but it’s certainly empowering.

4 The Lost City of Z (2017) – 78 – Stream on Amazon Prime Video

This adventure film went unnoticed at the time of its release but has been gaining momentum since its stars have gained popularity. It stars Charlie Hunnam, Tom Holland, and Robert Pattinson as a group that seeks to head into the Amazon rainforest to find an ancient lost city.

It carries a dark tone compared to other adventure films, with The Lost City of Z depicting the trials and tribulations of men who have only their faith to guide them. Pattinson plays a supporting role as Henry Costin, who ventures out with the others but chooses not to stick around too long.

3 Good Time (2017) – 80 – Stream on Fubo TV

Robert Pattinson received critical acclaim in a lead role around the time the Safdie brothers Good time has been freed. Here, Pattinson plays Connie, a young man who brings his developmentally disabled brother out and goes on the run with him.

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As with the usual works of the Safdie brothers, the story takes place over a short period of time where many diversions take place. Pattinson received stellar reviews for performing against type, transforming entirely into another person to show off his acting skills.

2 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) – 81 – Stream on HBO Max

Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Robert Pattinson holding a wand

It’s hard to ignore all the magical scenes to see in Harry Potter even after all this time. The fourth film remains one of the most well-received, where Robert Pattinson announced himself to the world as Cedric Diggory. The story sees Cedric taking part in the Triwizard Tournament against Harry not realizing that Voldemort is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Pattinson continued to play popular roles like Edward Cullen and Batman, but the general public is unlikely to stop associating him with Cedric. The actor remains a fan favorite in the role as new viewers continue to find his performance in the franchise wildly popular.

1 The Lighthouse (2019) – 83 – Stream on Amazon Prime Video

The Lighthouse 2019 Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson have teamed up to Lighthouse, which is interpreted as anything from a survival film to a psychological thriller to an outright horror film. The simplistic plot is about two men stranded at a lighthouse which culminates with them descending into madness.

Lighthouse was the biggest test of Pattinson’s acting ability since only he and Dafoe are the lead actors. This paid off well as critics loved the film, although it was considered an acquired taste for moviegoers due to a number of gory elements.

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