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Abortion is a matter of religion, not the Constitution

Abortion is not a 10th Amendment power, but a religious freedom right. It’s a religious belief about when life begins, and it’s subject to your beliefs and your right. In what other country would people in power impose their religious beliefs on the people?

-Anna Hope, Iowa Town

Appalled by the UI president’s weak message on abortion

As a University of Iowa alumnus, born and raised in Iowa City, I am troubled by the letter that President Barbara Wilson circulated after the Supreme Court’s Dodd decision. Refusing to divulge her own opinions, she says the decision “generates strong opinions and feelings” and asks everyone to have “an open and respectful discussion of differences”.

Any fundamental right can be reasonably restricted, and the same goes for abortion. But that’s not what’s happening. To be forced to bear a child, no matter the circumstances, is involuntary servitude. The 13th Amendment was passed to prohibit this. Southern slaveholders held pretty sincere beliefs about slavery and it was morally abominable.

Imagine Wilson writing a letter saying that “slavery generates strong opinions and feelings on both sides. … I ask you to have an open and respectful discussion about the differences. Nobody would stand that. She would be expelled from the city and its presidency.

It is exactly because people like her in privileged and impermeable leadership and professional positions have long deferred to “bilateralism” that we are where we are. The professional class must invoke a Ukrainian level of courage, take risks and make giant, sustained fuss instead of laying low.

Iowa alumni, faculty, and leaders who understand that this involuntary servitude is as criminal as slavery must lead at risk to their own professional status. The elders must withhold the gifts; doctors and other health teachers and computer scientists threaten slowdowns and walkouts; athletes refuse to play; executives withdraw their work from the state. Only real economic consequences will convince the Legislature and the Governor to prevent this new slavery of women.

-Mary Robertson, Shelburne Falls, Mass.

Politicians take the wrong stance on guns and abortion

Our governor of Iowa and our two senators have shown us that they do not respect the wishes of their constituents. The vast majority of Iowans, like the majority of citizens in our country, believe in a woman’s right to make her own decision about abortion and in the right of our citizens to be safe from guns. in public places.

I have written and called our senators regarding the killing of school children by AR-15 semi-automatic weapons and still get the response regarding the Second Amendment to the Constitution. When between 60% and 70% of citizens think we need to do something to change what is killing so many of our citizens, our Congress needs to do something about it.

Thankfully, after decades of doing nothing, Congress passed a bipartisan bill, which is a start to making us safer. Too bad it took 19 innocent children and two teachers and the gruesome portrayal of the fact that the bullets did such terrible damage to the children that they were unrecognizable and decapitated. Senator Chuck Grassley voted against this bill. He and Senator Joni Ernst have benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars they have received from the National Rifle Association over the years.

The question of abortion is also important. The annulment of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme

Court is a decision that again between 60% and 70S% of Americans

to believe is unfair. The justices removed a constitutional amendment that had existed for nearly half a century that gave women and girls the right to

their own decisions about their health care.

I have no problem with individuals who choose not to have an abortion because of their own personal beliefs, but I think it is morally wrong for five men and one woman to decide what is best for all women in this country. Instead of saving lives, the lives of girls and women who have been raped or in incest will be lost because they were too young to have children or damaged forever by having to bear their rapist’s child .

In Iowa, our current governor talks about saving the unborn child, but she has let our children’s education go from one of the best in our country to very poor. We must choose leaders who will put into practice what democracy stands for – the will of the majority. Michael Franken and Deidre DeJear will bring democracy back to our state. We all need to vote and make sure our votes count.

-Patricia Levin, Iowa City

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