Ranveer Singh’s Mane Man Darshan Yewalekar reveals everything behind the prominent actor’s look as Kapil Dev in ’83



Meet the Man with the Mane by Ranveer Singh for 83 & nbsp

As the nation celebrates Kabir Khan’s success 83, all eyes are on Ranveer Singh onscreen. The actor quickly transforms into legendary cricketer Kapil Dev for cricket drama. His performance received rave reviews from critics and fans alike and rightly so. But behind the successful performance is also a team of talented artists who deserve so much attention and love. Darshan Yewalekar, who has been Ranveer’s mane for years, is also the man behind Ranveer’s perfect hair and mustache as captain of India’s 1983 World Cup cricket team.

Overwhelmed by the love that comes with Ranveer’s 83 look, the hairstylist shares that it’s good validation when it comes to fans and the brotherhood.

Recounting the process that led to one of Ranveer’s most iconic screen looks, Darshan shares that the brief for him was pretty straightforward – “Here are the footage, we have to recreate that.” It was Darshan’s first biopic project and the reunion was the shortest, ”he says. Darshan immediately returned to the drawing board to search and browse the old photos and clips of the cricketer.

“It was actually a micro-examination of things because you have to see how the hairline is, how the waves are and what its side looks like. There are so many intricate details that as a hairstylist you can look and you have to look in, ”he explains, adding that everything has to be considered – from shape to silhouette.

Ranveer, who is often in the news for his hairstyles and mustaches to be precise, has Kapil Dev’s signature mustache for the film. This part, however, was the hardest part for Darshan, who wanted to focus on having as much real hair as possible.

“You won’t believe I have the right mustache literally zooming in on the mustache in the photos. To see how it molds, how much it falls on the lips … it was such a task comparing the two pictures, ” he shares. Part of his process was also checking the shape and structure of Ranveer’s mustache every few days. The hairstylist explained that while people think it’s easy to recreate a look with references, it’s a difficult process. He also attributes the prosthetic artist and calls him a legend for his work.

It took almost four to five look tests for Darshan and the team to achieve the iconic Kapil Dev look, and throughout it all, filmmaker Kabir Khan continued to trust the team.

Darshan admits he missed Kapil Dev’s first reaction to Ranveer’s look as a doppelganger, but when the former skipper arrived on set, it was his gesture that validated all his efforts. “In all honesty, maybe I missed her first reaction because her first reaction would have been in the photo when they had to show her the look test. I really don’t know… but I remember that he came to the ground and he was just looking at Ranveer and he had a smile on his face. He just said ‘badia hai’ and that reaction was very subtle but it was like a nod of validation, “he reveals. he. As for the team, Darshan shares that with his experience, he has learned that you don’t need words to express your reaction to a particular gaze. “When everyone is looking each other in the eye, you don’t need words for it. When we finally got it, the smiles when they looked at Ranveer… we knew we were very close.”

Darshan and Ranveer’s connection goes back to Ram Leela of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Since then he has been Ranveer’s go-to hairstylist for several movies, red carpets, events and photo shoots. For Darshan, the most difficult role to play was that of Khilji of Padmaavat. “There was no reference. We had to understand the aura of the character and step into Khilji’s shoes to get this look. There was a lot of homework to do and it’s a look that is very close to me.” , he shares.

Being the man with Ranveer’s mane may not seem like such an easy task, but the actor trusts Darshan completely and he doesn’t disappoint. Explaining his connection to Ranveer as one of a merger of two professions, Darshan says, “I love it! I can literally say that Ranveer is living the dream and I am actually living a hairdresser’s dream! Because it is a dream come true to have an ordinary man ready to experiment and create, ”adding that this is something that pushes his limits. “It’s like every time I had a blank canvas in front of me,” he shares.

Besides Ranveer, Darshan has worked with several other popular Bollywood stars including Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, and more. Currently enjoying the success of 83, Darshan has films like Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani in the works.

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