Positive Interfaith Interaction Ensures Salvation of Global Civilization, Iranian Scholar Says


A senior Iranian Muslim scholar stressed the need for “positive and constructive interaction” between faiths to ensure the salvation of world civilization, claiming that political and social systems are based on common origins that allow cultures to unite.

Ayatollah Alireza A’rafi, head of Iranian seminaries, said that extensive communications between people, as well as peaceful coexistence, can advance human and humanitarian goals and help overcome political, social and cultural issues.

“The positive and constructive interaction between religions is one of the most important factors to save world civilization and foster intimacy between human societies,” said the cleric.

“The interactions of religions can greatly contribute to their convergence and bind human societies together. Common values ​​of religions can easily meet human needs. The diversity and multiplicity of religions is an ideal opportunity for human societies to deepen their understanding and their visions and to exchange their achievements ”, underlined Ayatollah A’rafi.

The lead researcher went on to point out that all human values ​​are rooted in spiritual and religious traditions, adding that religion therefore plays an incomparable role in human life and way of life.

He said that the prophets have tried throughout history to create a way of life based on monotheism, to promote the spirit of love and affection among all people, and to command their followers to love one another. .

“The goal of all divine religions has been human happiness, salvation and liberation in this world and in the hereafter. Throughout history, the role of the prophets in creating unity and solidarity in societies has been undeniable, ”noted Ayatollah A’rafi.

He called on religious scholars to fulfill their educational, moral, promotional, educational and social responsibilities, to work for a scientific debate between different faiths and schools of thought, and to avoid prejudice and extremism .

The cleric then rejected the concept of absolute relativism, claiming that it hinders correct understanding.

“Absolute relativism, especially postmodern relativism, does not have a strong and acceptable rational and philosophical logic. Postmodernism is based on the logic of relativism and makes dialogue expeditious and superficial, ”he said.

“All the religions and denominations of the world are organized on the basis of rationality, the objective of which is the finality of the world and of societies. Religions have sought to understand the relationship between man, himself and his existence, and at least within the framework of rationality and common sense, have tried to provide a correct and realistic interpretation of man and his ‘existence,’ Ayatollah A’rafi said.

He added that all religions and schools of thought are formed on the basis of justice and peace and aim to lead human societies within such a framework.

“The interaction of religions and denominations is not based on formalities. Rather, it is based on a deep logic. Religions and denominations are rooted in common principles of philosophy, law, values ​​and jurisprudence, ”said the religious.

“Today’s world needs to learn the etiquette of dialogue between different religions. Islam and Muslim scholars have always emphasized the need for interaction between human beings and emphasized respect for their sanctity, ”Ayatollah A’rafi said.

He stressed that interfaith dialogue has been one of the main areas of concern for religious thinkers over the past two decades, adding that epistemological, ontological, theological and interactive necessities have made religious dialogue inevitable in today’s world. ‘hui.

“Through interreligious dialogue, a clear and close understanding of the teachings of religions can be obtained, and many misunderstandings would be eliminated. This will pave the way for the convergence of beliefs, values ​​and behaviors, ”Ayatollah A’rafi said.

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