Perform these remedies on Vijaya Ekadashi


Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Falgun is known as Vijaya Ekadashi. Ekadashi Vrat 2022 is considered one of the most difficult fasts among all Sanatan Dharma fasts.

The Ekadashi fast is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Two Ekadashi are celebrated each month and each Ekadashi that occurs in the year has a different meaning.

Vijaya Ekadashi fasting 2022 is considered to bring victory over enemies.

It is a religious belief that Shri Ram himself and his army kept the fast of Vijaya Ekadashi (Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat 2022) before fighting with Ravana.

And only after that he killed Lankapati Ravana. This time devotees do not know whether Vijaya Ekadashi will be celebrated on February 26 or February 27.

When the Vijaya Ekadashi fast will be observed.

26 or 27 on which day the fast will be observed

Vijaya Ekadashi Tithi will start at 10:39 a.m. on February 26 and end at 8:12 a.m. on February 27.

The Ekadashi fast is observed according to the day of the day. In such a situation, keeping the Ekadashi fast on February 27 would be more appropriate.

Do these remedies on Vijaya Ekadashi

For any special wish

If someone wants to fulfill a special wish, then on that day after taking a bath etc., offer Gangajal to the Sun God.

So worship Lord Shri Ram. Light 11 bananas, laddoos, red flowers, 11 sandalwood incense sticks and 11 lamps.

Offer 11 dates and almonds. After that, chant the mantra ‘Om Siya Patiye Ram Ramay Namah’.

For work

On the day of Jataka Ekadashi, who is looking for a job, place a mango tree on the Kalash. After that keep a vase full of barley and light a lamp.

Offer 11 red flowers, 11 fruits and candies. After this worship, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Then chant the mantra “Om Narayanaya Laxmiai Namah”.

have a child

It is a religious belief that if you want to have a child, then the couple should worship God together on Ekadashi Day.

Not only that, on Ekadashi day, by mixing candy sugar in milk when the money is returned, and offering it on Peepal, beautiful and worthy children are obtained.

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