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YOUR SAYS | “So why should women vote for PAS candidates in GE15? »

Sanusi defends ‘male MP is better for Sik’ remark

‘Try to tie a coconut around your stomach’ – Sik candidate blasts Kedah MB

Azmin defends Sanusi over remarks against women becoming Sik MPs

Kilimanjaro: Perhaps the Malay proverb “Katak di bawah tempurung” was intended for Kedah menteri besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

Gone are the days when women were frowned upon as engineers, whether they were civilians or not. In the past, most paddy planting was done by women.

There were 10 of us. This forced my father to work three jobs and even that did not provide enough income to run the family. So my mother, too, had to do three jobs – of course, cooking for the family, a job as a laborer and, in the evening, working in our large vegetable garden.

Women became adventurous and even traveled to space. Given her disability, Pakatan Harapan candidate Dr. Noraishah Mydin Abdul Aziz, a neurobiologist by training, has reached heights that Sanusi may find difficult to comprehend. Hasn’t Sanusi heard of women climbing even the highest mountains?

Sanusi’s comment on this is odious. Just to tell him; the people of sik should choose a woman to be their representative. We should be proud that we Malaysians consider men and women as equals.

IndigoKiwi9570: Sanusi, what makes you think that all women take two hours to put on makeup and get ready? How about a man who takes two hours to decide which Burberry shirt to wear?

Some men take the time to gather their photographers before going out. People like you probably take two hours to practice which stupid jokes you should say in your speech. You PAS clowns are indeed a rare breed.

Mugi: Throughout history, men and women have not been treated the same. That’s a fact.

Fortunately, educated and advanced countries are closing the gap, but not Muslim-majority countries like Iran.

Malaysia treats its women relatively better than many countries in the Middle East, but we still have a lot to do.

PAS leaders, in addition to using Chinese minorities and religion as a weapon, have not treated their female counterparts well, especially single mothers.

I hope most women will take notice of PAS’ condescending treatment of them in GE15.

Jujubee: What is a chauvinistic man? A man who associates with, belittles, or otherwise disparages women believing that they are inferior to men and therefore deserving of less than equal treatment or benefits.

It is what it is. “Siapa makan cili, dia-lah yang rasa pedas!” »

New day: Sanusi, you just dug a bigger hole trying to work your way out of your own misogynistic lens.

Your view of women is completely blinded by your patriarchal and ultra-conservative religious belief.

Maybe you are now the catalyst for a woman to be Kedah menteri besar. A most wonderful illuminating opportunity would be to break the precarious hold of politics and religion based on patriarchy.

Seal the deal: People should remember how Sanusi’s team threatened and intimidated the woman who reported him for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules when he took a new car test drive.

It is the nature of man. Indeed, it does not deserve a single vote.

Cowardly: This is a weak excuse that Bersatu leader Azmin Ali gave to defend Sanusi. Actually, I don’t know what the excuse is.

Is it a misunderstanding because of the local dialect? Is it because they think the area is too rural? The last possibility is that people there think a woman can’t do it because of her remoteness.

The former is unlikely, as this is the default position these politicians take when something bad happens.

The second has just confirmed their chauvinistic thinking by believing that a woman cannot do it because the region is too rural. The latter is simply wrong for a PAS leader to reinforce local prejudices for the benefit of his party. However, this is normal for the PAS course.

All he does is tell me to trust Azmin – that Sanusi didn’t mean it. In ordinary times, this is already a big request. Right now, I don’t think Azmin has the public confidence to ask us to do that.

Azmin can’t afford to lose votes himself Gombak. His action just causes him to lose a lot of female voices.

Justice: So why should women vote for PAS candidates in the 15th general election?

Since Bersatu, whose PAS is a coalition partner (under the PN), does not condemn this senseless humiliation of women by the PAS, voters should not vote for PN candidates.

So, all good people, men and women, in Malaysia should act to stop and ensure that evil does not triumph in Malaysia in this general election.

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