NFT Explainer: How do you pronounce NFT?


NFTs have been all over the internet for the past few months, reshaping the way we view digital assets and the value of digital items.

But has anyone ever wondered how you pronounce NFT?

NFT — which stands for Non-Fungible Token — is a digital item that has a unique identifier and number to make it rare and its own item, as reported by Deseret News. We’ve seen this appear through NFT art, NBA Top Shot digital items and more.

  • In most cases, NFT is pronounced as it reads – EN-EFF-TEE. It is a simple pronunciation of the letters.

But journalists and editors of The edge posed a whole different way of thinking – NFT should actually be pronounced “NEFT”.

  • “Let’s be clear, it’s for our good. It’s the kind of intervention we need when an acronym takes longer to spell in letters than to say in word form,” writes Corin Faife of The Verge.

Rollback: NFT follows in the footsteps of the World Wide Web, which is often thought of as “www” and pronounced the same.

  • “NFTs (do you already read it as “nefts”?) are new enough that we can turn around; spare yourself those extra syllables as long as those non-fungible tokens are there, which honestly could be measured in months, years, or decades at this point,” Faife writes.

Yes, but: Just for balance, those at Futurism posed the question to its audience and found that “EN-EFF-TEE” is still a preferred way to pronounce the acronym.

A thought to go there: I still believe GIF is pronounced like “gift” without the T. So do whatever you feel comfortable with.


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