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@everyone Let’s try something new. We share the most interesting drops of the day in our discord (when there are interesting drops). We run every drop through a formula that mixes price, followers, momentum, originality, usefulness and more and try to cover the hottest ideas in the space. Sometimes they turn out to be great projects, sometimes not. But here are today’s most interesting drops from the 20+ that fell on our desks.

With this drop and all drops, we recommend that you do your own due diligence. These projects have passed the formula threshold for probable momentum, but with all projects there are risks, including developers complicating the project, etc.

Megapont MegaKongs

VeVe – Marvel Digital Comics — Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #2
10:00 AM
6.99 GEMS /30,000
To note
This is the second comic in a series of 5 that will be released each day this week

Total number of editions: 30,000
COMMON — Classic coverage: 21,000
UNCOMMON — Vintage Variant: 5,000
RARE – Hero Variant: 2,350
ULTRA RARE — Vibranium Variant: 1,050
SECRET RARE — True Believer Variant: 600

Art Blocks Playground: Drifting • Simon De Mai
To note
Dutch auction starting at 0.72 ETH and lowering every 5 minutes to a rest price of 0.16 ETH with the following steps: 0.72 → 0.40 → 0.24 → 0.16

Unusual Guests

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