New York governor confirms Covidianism is a pagan cult



Anyone with a developed religious sensibility was aware of the religious nature of the COVID-19 terror early enough in the lockdowns. The evidence is increasingly striking.

Last month, New York Governor Kathy Hochul accentuated this in a particularly odd way by wearing a necklace made up of the word “Vaxed” as a talisman.

Just days ago, Hochul also gave a press conference in which she asserted that she is the ultimate religious authority over all New Yorkers, regardless of their religion. “There are no legitimate religious exemptions [to COVID injections] because the leaders of all organized religions said there was no legitimate reason, ”she said.

“I am not aware of a sanctioned religious exemption from any organized religion, in fact they are encouraging the opposite,” Hochul also said. “Everyone from the Pope to the present day encourages people to get vaccinated. “

Even though Catholics believe that the Pope is a final authority over their religion, unlike people of other “organized” faiths, including many other varieties of Christians, Catholics have this wonderful little theological technicality that helps ease their burden. to support one of the worst modern popes today. already. This is because everything the pope does or says at random does not define the doctrine of the church.

It is only under special and carefully defined circumstances that even the pope’s declarations become Catholic religious law, and the pope hardly ever employs this authority. And even a pope as theologically unfettered as Francis has not Compulsory COVID vaccination for Catholics. So, not only is Hochul completely ignoring one of the basic tenets of a religion important in her own state and country, she is also breathtakingly arrogant to claim that her political views should trump conscience. sacredness of every New Yorker on this serious question or any other.

The self-proclaimed pope of all New Yorkers, Kathy Hochul, has also appeared at a mega-church to preach its COVID doctrines, telling the congregation that the COVID-19 injections “are coming[] of God ”and“ I need you to be my apostles ”to preach universal vaccination to the unsaved.

This is all very weird and scary, and it will get more and more weird and frightening as the millions of people strangely terrified about COVID continue like this. This is because the gap between reality and their deeply held religious beliefs will continue to widen and become more and more difficult to explain with another layer of lies.

This is what happens at the best of times with a cult: the gap between what believers are told and what they can see with their own eyes ends up becoming so large that it turns into disillusion. and finally in disbelief. The worst of cases ? We will get to that.

It is an old truism that his god is what we love and fear the most. For COVID cultists, their love and fear are mirror images: physical suffering and death.

This is why there is a correlation between a person’s strength of Christianity and their lack of fear of COVID: because Christians ultimately don’t revere suffering or death the most. Better, as Jesus Christ says in the Gospel of Matthew, “to fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell” than “to fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul “.

For the pagans, however, this present world is all they have. Their decaying body is the only thing they can hold on to. And hang on to it, they most certainly are – you could say with a grip of death that touches us all.

The emergence of COVID has brought about the refusal of pagans to consider their immortality right in front of their eyes at every waking moment. Looking into that great gaping darkness of believing that there is no afterlife is more than many can bear.

So they invent rituals. Wear talismans. Engage in weird and downright grotesque compulsions. And try to force the rest of us to join their cult, in a desperate attempt to alleviate our existential terror.

It is clearly a religious ritual to believe that the evil god of death will not approach alone if you are engaged in morally significant mass actions, then it is will get off suddenly if you are engaged in an immoral act like living without showing your great fear and respect for him or openly rejecting his orders. If the evil spirit theoretically goes away when you engage in sacred rituals like wearing ceremonial facial decorations, despite the lack of solid objective evidence, it’s actually true, you are in a cult. Or a false religion.

You are also in a sect when there is nothing anybody may say or demonstrate that it could eventually make you change your mind about your beliefs or even make you admit uncertainty. Impermeability to data and reason is a characteristic of the psychological capture on which cults feed.

You are in an excessive cult or religion when you use or support the use of manipulation, pressure and fear tactics to get people to obey you instead of allowing them the freedom to form their own opinion and to live as they see fit. You become bigoted when you become madly obsessed with rituals and purity. You are in a cult when you isolate yourself and ask to isolate others so that the only information allowed to flow supports your beliefs.

“A very important aspect of the cult is the idea that if you leave the cult horrible things will happen to you,” said International Cultic Studies Association president Steve Eichel. “It’s important, and it’s important to realize it. That people outside a cult are potential members, so they are not viewed as negatively as people inside the cult who then leave the cult.

Best advice from Eichel? “Beware of any kind of pressure. This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give to anyone. Any kind of pressure to make a quick decision about getting involved in any type of intensive activity or organization. Oh, you mean maybe like forcing people to “two weeks to stop the spread” and everything after that under the threat of being involved in the mass count?

Another tactic endemic to cults and other types of power relations is scapegoat. Being a scapegoat means identifying a person or group of people as the “bad guys” who are responsible for every bad thing that happens.

With the cult of COVID, the scapegoats have varied, but they are still brutalized: Donald Trump. The people who supported Trump. People who opposed the chaos of the mail ballots using COVID as an excuse. People who wouldn’t stay at home. People who protested against the destruction of their life’s work. People who will not wear masks. Now the “unvaccinated”, although many of them have better immunity due to naturally defeat the disease.

It is clear that a minority of people holding a majority of power have turned the existential fear of death of billions of people into weapons. But, rationally speaking, attempting to stop COVID, like trying to stop death, is ultimately impossible. It is a futile attempt to control what is in reality beyond any human capacity to control.

Trying to understand, revere, and interact with that which is beyond human ability to control is what religion is for. And right now, a frightening proportion of the American public wants to bestow divine powers on the temporal and highly fallible state in a doomed attempt to relieve their existential void. In Australia, they have become willing to send armored men with massive weapons to grab and lock people up for even trivial COVID heresies.

Mankind has seen this kind of thing before. We used to call it things like theocracy, fascism, tyranny, and totalitarianism. This is where it’s heading in many, many more places if more people don’t come out of the COVID death cult – soon.

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