Neil Watson’s new book shows the power of faith and belief during difficult times



The author believes that success lies in the burning desire to overcome challenges

No matter how difficult things may seem, no matter how many times life throws curveballs, there’s nothing you can’t get up from. Journey to Success with Neil Watson (now available on Amazon) is a story that will underscore this statement by taking readers through the tumultuous journey of the author, who, after facing seemingly insurmountable odds, overcame himself and achieved great success.

Neil Watson is a creative artist with skills in photography, illustration, design and 3D modeling. He graduated from Howard University with a 3.8 GPA and, as an intern, was featured on FOX 5 News for his work with General Motors. He has been a creative design sculptor for GM for the past fourteen years. He played the trumpet for more than fifteen years and now manages music producers, one of which is a Grammy Award nominee. As an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry, he generated over six part-time industry figures and led an organization of over 400 people. Watson has a passion for travel and helping others achieve their goals. Encouraging his readers to work through adversity, pursue their dreams, and live life to the fullest, he tells them, “Believe that better days are ahead of you. Trust that everything will go in your favor. Take action.”

Watson faced several challenges during her life, the most difficult being the consecutive deaths of her father and mother. When managing finances became a problem, survival was the main objective. Watson had two choices: give up or fight for his dreams. Choosing the latter and achieving great success, he encourages his readers to let go of the victim mentality.

“When a successful person faces tremendous odds and is beaten down, they find a way to get back up, even when they feel like they can’t. Even when they feel it’s impossible, they go all the way. There’s something inside of them that won’t let them remain a victim,” Watson says.

Journey to Success with Neil Watson teaches its readers that giving up just isn’t the answer. When the going gets tough, we have two choices: accept defeat or become a better version of themselves.

Vincent Watson, Grammy-nominated music producer and brother of the author, comments on his faith and integrity: “Neil embodies the core values ​​of integrity, leadership and accountability. As he strives for excellence every day, he encourages others to do the same. He is driven by faith in all his endeavors and knows that anything is possible with belief and intentional action. He has a “work hard, play hard” mentality. He taught me that when someone sets out to accomplish something, they either find a way or an excuse. I am grateful to have him as a brother.

Derek Byrd IT, Director at FDIC, comments on Watson’s ability to drive success: “Neil has one of the greatest minds I’ve come across. His ability to relate to personal experiences and knowledge and use them to drive himself and others around him to success is impeccable. For more than thirty years that I have known him, his thirst for success has never ceased to grow – it is unparalleled. He presents himself as a role model and an exemplary citizen who is dedicated to enjoying and living the most fruitful and successful life possible.

Journey to Success with Neil Watson is now for sale on Amazon.

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