NDC Constituency Elections: Charles Amoako-Brobbey Files Candidacy



NDC Tema East Constituency Treasurer Hope, Charles Amoako-Brobbey

The Treasurer of the Tema East Constituency of the National Democratic Congress, Charles Amoako-Brobbey, has submitted his nomination forms to contest the upcoming National Democratic Congress (NDC) constituency elections.

Speaking shortly after the filing, Freshers Charles Amoako-Brobbey pledged to abide by the roadmap and guidelines given by the party to ensure a peaceful and successful contest, adding that he would pledge to help deploy programs and policies that will promote the welfare of its constituents.

“This marks the birth of a new dawn in my long-standing ambition to serve the welfare and interests of my fellow citizens at a higher level. As a party member, I have faithfully served my party to the best of my ability. my individual abilities and I have learned many valuable lessons which I take with me into mainstream politics,” he said. “It is my determination, above all, to help promote monetary discipline and policies that will promote the general welfare of my fellow citizens in Tema East,” he added.

The NDC will hold its constituency elections on October 22, 2022.

This follows a successful election of party cadres across all party branches a few weeks ago.

The party then opened nominations for constituency elections on September 20, 2022 and closed the process on September 24, 2022.

Amoako-Brobbey team member, Jonathan Darah Mandela, branch secretary, also urged all NDC members in Tema East to be aware of Mr. Amoako-Brobbey’s diligence as a man. private business, his generosity as a renowned philanthropist, especially to party members, and his commitment to keeping the faith with the NDC both nationally and at the constituency level over the years.

He said: “No matter where their allegiances lie, these are the most crucial things any well-meaning party member should look for in a leader, especially one seeking the sensitive position of party treasurer.”

In a message of goodwill, Mr Amoako-Brobbey wished his fellow aspirants good luck in the upcoming competition.

“I wish all the contenders the best as we battle it out in a healthy manner that will benefit our collective benefit,” he noted.


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