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A small-town, middle-class upbringing is what keeps contemporary new age folk sensation Aanchal Shrivastava on her toes every day, every second. She is 8 years old in the maxim city of dreams and has been making music independently for 3 years full time.

She made her reading debut with Vikram Bhatt’s film “Love Games” with Title Track and her biggest OTT release of last year was the song “Din shagna Da” in Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots Please series. , Season 2. She started in music full time just before the pandemic and became an instant hit with her recreation of the Rajasthani folk song “KadiAao Ni”, the song also marks her first release as an independent artist .

Aanchal comes from a humble, non-film background and has put in effort on her own to make her mark in the singing industry with her Husky texture. She started composing for commercials, while singing for them. Few major commercials she has worked on since 2021 are Prabhat Ghee’s Radio Jingle, which was composed, written and sung by her, amazon M52 TVC – which was sung by her, Pass Pass Friendship’s song of the day was composed, written and co-sung by her with Purusharth Jain.

She featured as a celebrity independent guest in this year’s season of ‘Indie Hain Hum’ by Tseries & Red Fm with singer Nikhita Gandhi & Sachet Parampara.

With 5 independent releases planned this year with various artists like Kanishk Seth (Rangi Sari song fame and son of renowned singer Kavita Seth Ji), Aasa Sing (younger brother of singer Akasa Singh and son of famed Punjabi music director Shri Arvinder Singh and playback singer), Vasuda Sharma (member of Aasma group and now freelance singer-songwriter), Vidhya Gopal (freelance singer) and songs from the next season of Four More Shots Please, Aanchal is looking forward to her music in 2022 .

Aanchal Srivastava shared his journey in music and his future works. Let’s take a look.

What was the idea of ​​starting your own journey and becoming an independent artist?

I like to do things by myself. I feel like I can do anything. Waiting for the world to come to me and giving the chance to sing is not my style. I’ve always been a hustler, a go-getter, so I took a chance, made teams, did trial and error, learned on the job the process of creating a song. I like it like that! The idea behind Being Alone and Indie was simple – Make music that comes from within and I feel your true self is the only thing that keeps you alive in hearts. I want to live in everyone’s heart and for that I had to find out who I am. Working independently where mistakes were allowed and accepted was my first step to getting into hearts.

A memorable trip or story you would like to share?

I released my first folk recreation ‘KadiAao Ni’. It was also my first indie release. And I was blown away by the love! I was inundated with DMs, comments and stories. I changed my insta name to KadiAao Ni Aanchal, and it was so nice. It was my defining moment and I knew I would make mistakes but I wouldn’t stop.

What made you choose this job?

Being independent is a very strong feeling. And I like the fact that I can feel it. The profession was chosen, long before I realized that music would be my career, music chose me, long before I chose it. It took me a long time to accept it as my full time.

Tell us about you?

I am an open book, an open heart, a somewhat human lover. I’m not the sober type, I’m always full of energy – If I’m dull or sober (I’m sure I’m sick) that’s the saying! I am my own business and a lover of happiness. Small in stature and tempered but extremely understanding. Music and my mom keep me sane.

Before becoming an independent artist, what did you do?

I have never made music, fortunately. I have been a working professional all my life. After the MBA, I worked in radio, then in a public relations agency. In fact, my last stint in business, with Value 360 ​​Communications, is why I recognized the fact that I’m made for music. It is very rare to have a job, where the owners push you to do what you are made to do. I bagged my first Bollywood reading while working with this company.

As an independent singer, what is your message to others working in this field?

If you are confident in yourself and your art, stay put. Live the journey by doing and the destination will be waiting for you.

As a woman, have you encountered any difficulties in starting your business?

I faced all the challenges that any man should have faced when starting out. I’m not a feminist, I’ve never experienced inequality in any of my work experiences, so putting a perspective of challenges by Woman exclusive – may not be possible and ideal for me.

Getting started isn’t easy, and I’m still a startup. every day, every second, I learn, I rectify and I grow.

Your latest song is ‘NadanDil’, tell us about your duet song with co-singer Vidhya Gopal?

NadanDil, the song, is about understanding half-said feelings. The song is the point of view of two lovers, who find it difficult to say everything, as it is. Difficult to express his true feelings to the one he is in love with. The song is portrayed through two female friends, who feel, expressing true feelings is often extremely difficult.

A last song or an upcoming project in the future?

My next song ‘Kahaan’ with Kanishk Seth as co-vocalist, ‘Saaye’ with Aasa Singh & ‘TumheinBhejun’ with Vasuda Sharma are my next duet releases this year.

What the Indie Music Industry Trend Will Look Like in the Coming Years

Independent music will be seen as a very big hub and pool by OTTs and mainstream Bollywood movies to identify and choose songwriters and singers. With much more in the hands of artists than producers. The game changes, artists decide what they want for their song and don’t ask for a big release or a break. This in itself is a breakthrough.

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