Multiple wounds miraculously healed after prayer!


A Man Suffering from Multiple Injuries for Decades Was Miraculously Healed and Instantly Restored After Prayer!

Multiple injuries

Wyoming’s Adrian Wassine has been a believer since 2014, however, he doesn’t believe miracles can happen to him. He always believed that miracles are only for unbelievers and not for him, but God proved him wrong and allowed him to experience His miracles.

“I used to think that miracles, signs and wonders happened in third world countries like an unbeliever. [But] today or over the weekend I was shown completely the opposite,” Adrian said.

Apparently, Adrian has been suffering from multiple injuries in different parts of his body for decades. The first one he mentioned that God healed for him was his hip.

“I had hip issues where I couldn’t do much and I had no flexibility in my hip and it’s been about 13 years but God showed up and He healed me. I mean, I could really move now, I couldn’t do that and like there was no pain at all.

Photo courtesy: YouTube | Ministries of Paul Rapley

miraculous healing

He then went on to testify of how God healed his broken kneecaps.

“In 1998 I had blown my knees and my kneecaps were slipping left and right…I woke up this morning and looked and my kneecaps weren’t slipping like that and they’re used to it and they don’t make you feel like that.

God didn’t stop there yet, God also healed his shoulder problem which he suffered from for about 25 years.

“When they prayed, I just felt my shoulder move and change on its own. And then I noticed today that my posture was much more proper and I no longer had that pain in my collarbone that I used to have. had since 1998.”

Adrian now believes that miracles can still happen and prays for more miracles to happen in his life!

“Thank you, Jesus, you are the healer, you are amazing!”


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Reference: YouTube | Ministries of Paul Rapley

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