MP for Doncaster calls for Daily Christian Worship Act to be enforced in schools



MP Nick Fletcher spoke at Westminster Hall earlier this week on the subject of religion, saying the law that daily worship must take place in schools needs to be enforced more.

He said: “There is a real concern that our education system is depriving young people of the opportunity to understand the substances of Christian belief, which shaped not only the life of our late Queen and our nation, but also the life countless people in this country and around the world.

“It is right that state-funded schools are required by law to provide religious education to all pupils and that this reflects the fact that religious traditions in Britain are, for the most part, Christian while taking into account of the teaching and practices of the other major religions represented in Britain.”

St George’s Cathedral, Doncaster

Mr. Fletcher is known for his staunch Christian views which are closely tied to his politics and electoral history.

In his first speech to the Commons in 2020, he said: ‘I believe in miracles and I believe in God.

He discussed his Westminster Hall speech in a Facebook post: “Christianity is a force for good and has been the foundation of our country since the days of King Alfred the Great. It promotes the spiritual, moral and cultural development of all our children and young people.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak in Westminster Hall on this very important subject raised by my colleague Martin Vickers, the Conservative MP for Cleethorpes.

“I have highlighted the importance that Parliament places on its teaching in schools, but unfortunately this is not always observed as it should be.

“There is supposed to be a daily act of worship in all schools.

“Children and parents of children have the right to opt out of this if they wish, but not to provide that the daily act of worship is against the law.

“I asked Minister Nick Gibb what he could do to ensure Parliament’s wishes are respected in our schools. I was delighted to hear him explain that if parents’ complaints to schools are not resolved, then the Ministry of Education could become involved.

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