Marvel’s First Sorcerer Supreme Is Stranger Than Doctor Strange



Marvel’s first-ever Sorcerer Supreme is back in action, and the universe is about to discover he’s mightier than any of his successors.

The following contains major spoilers for avengers #62, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

During their battles against the demon Mephisto and his Multiversal Council of Reds, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes departed race through time, space and other realities entirely in hopes of gaining a significant advantage over the competition. Now that their story is finally catching up with that of the very first generation of Avengers, it looks like the efforts of their modern counterparts are starting to pay off. Not only are they about to meet the original Sorcerer Supreme, but they also discover that what he has to offer is infinitely more than anything Doctor Strange has ever called forth.

While the threat of darkness and demon is one of the most intimidating things for the Marvel Universe today, avengers #62 (by Jason Aaron, Ivan Fiorelli, David Curiel and Cory Petit of VC) shows that he was also a serious concern at the dawn of mankind. Although they could not see it for themselves, the earliest ancestors of mankind were plagued by ethereal otherworldly monstrosities against which they had no real form of defense. Fortunately, Sorcerer Supreme Agamotto is perfectly capable of both recognizing and dealing with these threats on behalf of the humans who fall prey to them, and his methods are far from anything Doctor Strange has used before.

Although Agamotto made his first appearance as one of the three All-Wise Vishanti in the pages of 1972 First Wonder #5 (by Gardner Fox and Irv Wesley), his presence in the Marvel Universe is one fans have known about long before. Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto is one of the former Sorcerer Supreme’s most iconic artifacts, and it’s not the only aspect of the Mystical Arts through which Agamotto’s name has been invoked. Just like his compatriot Vishanti HoggothCyttorak and a myriad of other gods, demons, and spirits, his essence provides powerful spells and enchantments to all who summon them, yet nothing before has ever compared to what the first Sorcerer Supreme is truly capable of.

Along with summoning a swarm of interdimensional spiders to hunt leeches feasting on an unwitting human’s life force, the secrets Agamotto holds within his volcanic lair reveal just how vast and unsettling his powers can be. Deep within a literal volcano, he has his lab sequestered alongside various demons, and even entire landscapes. All of these portals and prisons have their own uses, but the sheer scale of everything under his command is a clear sign that modern masters of the mystical arts have only scratched the surface of what he has to offer. . It’s something that even the demon Mephisto seems to have a keen understanding of, which makes his place in the upcoming battles against the demon and his multiversal counterparts all the more important.

Despite all the exploits of Doctor Strange, double Sorcerer Supreme Clea, and all the other Masters of the Mystical Arts, none of them have displayed such prowess in a relatively short period of time. Agamotto may have once been a staple, but he’s rarely had a chance to prove why firsthand. Fortunately, Agamotto returning to the picture in the flesh does more than just cement his place in history, especially when the final fight against the Council of the Reds is just around the corner.

We may not yet know what this ultimate showdown will look like, but it’s obvious that Agamotto’s role in it is invaluable. As things stand, it’s hard to imagine another Master of the Mystical Arts living up to the precedent he has set. Considering things are only going to get bigger in the future, it’s equally unfathomable that even bigger things aren’t in store for the Marvel Universe.

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