‘Lord, let me see’



Let us try to make these words of the blind man asking Christ to heal his blindness (cf. Lk 18:41) an aspiration that we can repeat several times during the day. We cannot deny that despite our tremendous powers to see and understand things, there are still many things that escape our notice, let alone our understanding. And going to God, begging him to let us see things, should only be our recourse.

While we can enjoy good vision right now, we need to realize that in order to be able to see things correctly and completely, we simply don’t rely on our eyes or any of our senses.

Our eyes and our senses can only capture a tiny part of the whole reality that governs us. They can only perceive what are called sentient realities, still light years away from the intelligible, not to mention the spiritual and supernatural aspects of reality.

Yet what they obtain and gather is very useful and indeed indispensable, for the data they provide are like the raw materials which will be processed by our most powerful faculties of intelligence and will. In this sense, we can already see ourselves as suffering from a kind of blindness.

We must be more aware that today there is a strong tendency to base our knowledge of things mainly on material and sensible realities alone. This is why we have these disturbing phenomena of materialism and commercialism which make up our dominant world of knowledge and understanding.

We need to correct this trend because it’s just not the whole story. Our senses can only have a limited vision of things. And what is worse, this limited condition is compounded by the effects and consequences of our sins which not only limit but also distort reality.

For this, we must be determined to pray, even if some people would like to discourage us, thinking that we would want to disturb God, just like what some people have done blindly in the gospel.

With prayer we connect with God, and with God we can see and understand things better. Whatever fears, worries, insecurities we have right now, they would somehow go away, and we would be ready to face anything in life with confidence.

Let us always remember that God is our father who always takes care of us. And he makes possible what is impossible for us. We must always reinforce this truth of our faith, in order to avoid falling into unnecessary worries in the drama of our life.

With prayer, we can feel confident and invincible in the face of any trial and challenge we may face in life. And instead of being entangled in these worries and fears, we can pay more attention to what we need to do to pursue the main purpose of life, which is personal sanctification through our ordinary work and duties. , and the duty which accompanies it to carry out the apostolate. .

Let us reassure everyone that prayer is the key to making our life filled with peace and joy, invested with meaning and meaning. Our problem today is that many people do not really know how to pray and prefer to depend only on their human forces which cannot do much. They can’t go the distance.

Like the blind, let us always go to God and repeat our call: “Lord, let me see! »*

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