Local women in law react to Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson faces her second and final day of interrogation on Capitol Hill. If confirmed, she becomes the first black woman to sit on the nation’s highest court.

These hearings take place during Women’s History Month. Some prominent local black women in law say this moment is inspiring and exciting to watch, and representation matters.

“My parents taught me that unlike the many obstacles they faced growing up, my path was clearer,” Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson said.

Justice Jackson could become the first black woman on the Supreme Court. Her recognition provides motivation to other black women in law.

Chief Justice Carletta Sims Brown, Civil Court and Richmond County Magistrate, said: ‘You see the hard work we put in and the perseverance is paying off.

Brown practiced law for over 30 years. She made history as the first woman and first African American to serve in Richmond County. She says watching Jackson is moving.

“You see a federal lawyer or judge who looks like you, has walked a similar journey, and their success is recognized. His skill is recognized,” Brown said.

Jackson said, “I hope you’ve seen with hard work, determination and love that it can be done.”

Attorney Katrell Nash says seeing Jackson’s journey to the Supreme Court inspires her every day.

“There was a time when I started as a lawyer almost 13 years ago, or that representation just wasn’t there,” she said. “When I see her, I see myself, and I just know I can do it.”

Both women say representation is important not only to them, but to the younger generation.

Brown said: “The feeling is just amazing.”

Nash said: I can’t wait to say “Justice Brown Jackson”.

Thursday is the last day of confirmation hearings, and we are awaiting testimony from the full list of other witnesses, including representatives from the American Bar Association. A final vote on Jackson’s nomination is expected before Easter.

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