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In his July 25 letter, “If proponents of abortion are wrong, what are the consequences? Michael Folse asks those of us who don’t share his belief in a “god” what we think could happen if we live our lives and then find out we’ve been wrong.

I answered this question for myself 35 years ago when I finally began to think seriously about the religious beliefs I had carried with me since childhood.

First, I realized that I couldn’t “choose” what I believed in. Proof requires agreement or casts doubt. And if there’s any doubt, I can’t quite believe it (much less pretend to believe it).

Accepting this, I then considered that if there really was such a god, then, as I had been taught to believe, this god knows my thoughts.

This was followed by the third realization that if a god exists in the form that Christians claim, then he gave me the brain that I have. And, having given me this brain, this god would expect me to use it. After all, why give someone something that they won’t use?

After using my brain and concluding that there is not enough evidence to require a belief in a supernatural god, I must acknowledge and embrace this understanding, pending further evidence.

My final conclusion, and my answer to Folse’s question, was that if I found out when I died that there really is a god, said god would smile, pat me on the shoulder, and say, “You used your brain well. “


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