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In his September 6 article “The Rights of Conscience Are Not Autonomous,” Alan Yoshioka states that “a minority of Catholics have rejected the authoritative teachings (see CEC 1785) in favor of an alternative magisterium. “

What authoritative teachings? CCC 1785 referenced Dignitatis humanae 14, which says: “It is [the Church’s] duty to pronounce and teach with authority this truth which is Christ Himself. Would Jesus really approve of us using vaccines contaminated with abortion when there are safe and effective treatments for COVID-19?

According to Dr. Peter McCullough, a widely published professor and medical practitioner, 85% of deaths from COVID-19 could have been prevented if early treatment protocols were in place and government agencies and medical organizations berated doctors for having treated COVID patients outdoors. of the hospital.

This refusal of effective early treatment of patients with COVID-19 is humanly unacceptable.

Mee chan

Reading the letters of September 27 British Columbia Catholic it was a statement of the number of my Catholic colleagues who unconditionally accepted the mainstream media account.

Criticize the opinion of a columnist and then embark on a ad hominem the attack on her betrays the lack of charity and wisdom. If it is necessary to criticize, our faith teaches us to commit ourselves to facts, wisdom, charity, and prudence.

Complaining that British Columbia’s Catholic coverage lacks “balance,” then suggesting that “people who only read The Catholic of British Columbia “Will be convinced that getting the vaccine is wrong” is not only intellectually dishonest, but downright naive. Look around you! Television and newspapers give you “the other side of the story” every day.

Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, medical treatment cannot be forced or coerced. Informed consent is an absolute must.

Finally, the Holy Father is not a doctor, so his area of ​​competence and authority is not in medical therapy. To suggest that his opinion should not be questioned is both dangerous and misleading. We are the flock of Jesus Christ; sheep, yes, but sheep encouraged to think critically.

DBT Doering

Canadian governments are requiring everyone to take an investigational drug whose ingredients and long-term side effects are not known or face unconstitutional penalties. They refuse to debate anyone who questions them, even doctors, professors and researchers who are being lied to, threatened and censored.

The misguided government and media focus on “cases” and deaths is based on a test Dr Bonnie Henry admitted earlier this year as “unreliable.” Survival rates for COVID-19 are over 99%.

It is irresponsible of the government and the media to claim that the vaccine is the only means of “recovery”. Common sense based on statistics shows us that there is no need to impose these experimental vaccines or to punish the unvaccinated who have natural immunity and pose no risk to others.

Lisa lewko

In her September 20 column “The Gifts of Freedom and Dignity from God,” Colleen Roy quotes St. Thomas Moore in A man for all seasons in his argument that conscience justifies refusal of the vaccine.

Saint Thomas risked his life to follow his conscience. Risking the lives of others for personal freedom seems the antithesis of the love of Christ.

Seniors, children with Down’s syndrome, pregnant women and unborn babies are all at increased risk of COVID-19. Neither Pfizer nor Moderna were created from cell lines derived from abortions. Both are now fully approved in Canada. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith finds these vaccines “morally acceptable”. Pope urges Catholics to get vaccinated, yet The Catholic of British Columbia repeatedly publishes comments saying that we do not need to listen to the Pope in this matter.

The publication of this column reflects an appalling lack of editorial judgment.

Julie bartlett
North Vancouver

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