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Sharia and the extremist Christian agenda: Both assert that religious beliefs should be the law of the land. Sharia rules Afghanistan. Congressmen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green, among others, argue that the church (which church exactly?) should run the government. The separation of Church and State is “trash”.

Afghan imams have the final say on what is allowed and what is not. Stacked with originalists, the Supreme Court decides what is permitted and what is not, precedents and stare decisis notwithstanding.

Women are objects to be controlled and punished. Sharia has burkas and strict rules of behavior. We have state-sanctioned womb policing and laws that annihilate women’s autonomy.

Rooted in religion, Sharia prohibits women from appearing publicly without a man. Extremist Christians work to erase our right to health care of our choice, birth control, and lawful out-of-state care.

When religion rules the government, it is not democracy. It is theocracy.

Our founding fathers knew well the horrors of government tied to religion. Oliver Cromwell had his religion, Henry VIII had his and Bloody Mary had hers. Each inflicted religious devastation on the people of England.

Accordingly, Thomas Jefferson viewed the Establishment Clause embedded in the First Amendment as a “wall of separation” between church and state. That life begins at conception is a religious belief.

When a female body is controlled by the state, a woman is deprived of her human dignity. It becomes a “thing”, an incubator for the state.

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