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Doesn’t Clarence Thomas realize that after winning a ban on same-sex marriage and contraceptives, this same minority of so-called “Christian” evangelicals – like his wife and their illegal right-wing militias, the NRA and the cowardly Republican senators – are going to want to ban interracial marriage and continue to prevent people who look like him from voting? They will ban the vote of all but white landowners because they follow the original Constitution.

On another note, the Constitution says nothing about privately arming yourself with an AR-15. They were talking about single shot muskets. What an idiot!

Prosecute the judges who lied to the land to stand trial and then you might regain some respect for the highest court in the land.

Judge Thomas was quoted as saying something to the effect that “the court will not be ‘bullied’ into voting to please the people”. But isn’t it bullying by the Supreme Court when you give in to a 20% minority when an 80% majority of people support the freedom to choose the person you love and the right to abortion?

People also read…

These are men and women of all colors who support access to safe abortions! Not just white male supremacists who want to see the end of democracy.

Judge Thomas needs to resign for many reasons, none as big as lying about his relationship with Anita Hill to begin with, being online and distressed by his wife’s politics, as well as Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh for lying to the American people under oath that Roe v. Wade was an established precedent not to be overturned.

Doug Chancey, Blacksburg

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