Korn ‘failed miserably’ to recapture the past on ‘Korn III’



In 2010, Korn published Korn III: Remember Who You Are, but did they succeed in the mission statement that the title infers? During a conversation with Music Feeds in Australia, singer Jonathan Davis shared his disappointment with the record.

Davis was asked about recordings from the band’s later era and if there was any, he felt flattened by the reaction. The singer replied, “I think Korn III: Remember Who You Are. It was difficult because we were trying to get something back and it was way back in time and we failed miserably.”

The singer continued, “I mean, I like the record, but it wasn’t fun to do because [producer] Ross [Robinson] did his methods and he used them really hard. And it was just a fucked up, weird moment in the band when we did that.”

At the time, Korn’s lineup was missing two of the members who had originally worked with Robinson in their early days as drummer Ray Luzier replaced David Silveria behind the kit and guitarist Brian “Head” Welch left the band. after 2003. look in the mirror album.

Although the album initially debuted at No. 2, it did not do as well commercially as most of their earlier work. The album produced two singles – “Oildale”, which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, and “Let the Guilt Go”, which peaked at number 23 on the same chart.

Where Korn tried to recapture the magic of their first sound on Korn IIIthey took a completely different direction with the 2011 follow-up, which found the band experimenting with the growing popularity of dubstep music on The Path of Totality.

Korn will return with their 14th studio album, Requiem, this Friday (February 4). The album has already produced the singles “Start the Healing”, “Forgotten” and “Lost in the Grandeur”.

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