Knicks’ Cam Reddish denies trade request rumour: It’s not fair


Cam Reddish was busy practicing at the New York Knicks practice facility on Sept. 1 when his phone exploded with about 50 notifications.

Although it shouldn’t have been a surprise since it was his 23rd birthday, but he had an ominous feeling.

“I’m like, ‘Oh man, what did I do?’ So I opened my Instagram and ‘yeah, [you] request an exchange, [you request a trade.’

I didn’t do anything. I was just lifting weights. I don’t know where that came from. Now, I got to deal with that [on my birthday]. It is not fair. Do you understand? Do you feel me?

But everything is fine. I understand how it goes. But I didn’t ask for a trade at all.

Cam Reddish during Knicks training camp

Just moments after the Knicks posted a birthday greeting card on their social media, Reddish was also greeted with trade rumors sparked by a New York Post article reporting “he wants a change of scenery.”

Reddish is in a tough spot entering his fourth year in the NBA after another uneven season that ended with a shoulder injury. A former five-star recruit and a third in the Duke Big 3 alongside Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, the 6ft 8in winger was used to star treatment.

That hasn’t been the case since he was selected 10th overall in the 2019 NBA stacked draft.

“I still have all my stuff. So it didn’t go anywhere. It’s just now that I’m fighting for a place. When I was in high school, I wasn’t fighting for a place, but I I had a game. I have a game [now], I’m just fighting for a place. So it’s no different.

Cam Reddish during Knicks training camp

New York coach Tom Thibodeau reportedly disagreed with getting Reddish. But the Knicks front office gave up Kevin Knox and a first-round pick for the enticing prospect who was dogged by injuries and inconsistencies during his first two and a half seasons in the league.

Reddish sought a change of scenery from Atlanta last season because he wanted a bigger role. He ended up in New York, where his role narrowed even further.

Entering training camp, Reddish appears to be still on the outside watching as Thibodeau remained coy about his role.

“The players are going to win what they get. We have good depth (on the wing). I can’t tell you right now who’s in the rotation, who’s not in the rotation. It will be And then if someone is not in the rotation at the start, that does not mean that he stays there.

“I told you before, I’m not as concerned about who starts as you guys are. [in the media] are. I’m more focused on who is playing well and helping the team the most. We’ll see how that plays out.

Tom Thibodeau via SNY

Reddish hosts the competition, but he’s as perplexed as the fan base about the Knicks’ plans for him. He is eligible for the extension and the Knicks could use this season to assess him. But team president Leon Rose has given Thibodeau full autonomy to decide who will play or not and who will get longer minutes.

That leaves Reddish in the cold as his former Duke teammate Barrett and Julius Randle are cut as starting forwards, while Obi Toppin and Quentin Grimes believe they are ahead of him for a spot in the second unit.

“I’m still figuring this out. This is actually a very good question. I’m still figuring this out, trying to find my role for me. I’m really ready to do whatever it takes to win. Whatever that role is, whatever it is, I’m fine with it. We win, we all look good.

Cam Reddish during Knicks training camp

Reddish knows he can get a bucket and make plays. But that’s not enough to convince Thibodeau. Reddish knows how to get his ticket out of the niche.

“Right now it starts with defense. I can score. I’m not really too worried about it. I can make plays, but just having a defensive presence is a big moment.

Cam Reddish during Knicks training camp

Reddish felt that the trade demand rumors are not fair. But life is unfair. It’s the biggest thing he’s learned in his first three years in the NBA.

He grew up on the basketball circuits with God-given gifts that he turned into a unique season as a Blue Blood. Back to the wall, it’s time for him to summon everything in him to avoid becoming the next Kevin Knox.

“I’ve been through a lot. So I’m not really too confused at all, to be honest.

I am blessed. I’m in the NBA. I play for the New York Knicks. I am happy. I can’t stress this enough, but obviously everyone has tough times. Whatever your job is, it all depends on how you respond to it and how you get out of it. I am a believer in God. So I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Cam Reddish during Knicks training camp

Now is the time for Reddish to put his faith into action to get him where he wants to go.

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